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Sen. Hays Speaks in SC

COS South Carolina Team welcomes support from Florida Senator Hays

Events like these are happening all across the country and serve to enhance and propel the resolutions in each State.

Over 60 South Carolina COS supporters met last month to discuss the project and how to move it forward. They knew they could benefit from the leader of a Passed State who is reaching out to help non passed states! Well, that’s just what happened! The Florida Sponsor, Sen. Alan Hays trekked to SC to meet with the South Carolina team to discuss the challenges and successes of a COS resolution and how to move it forward. Sen. Hays emphasized the need to begin contacting state legislators now before the legislative session begins and the representatives are overwhelmed with work. He spoke about the opposition and how to address any false or misleading comments. He provided great encouragement to the South Carolina Team.

Also on deck was South Carolina’s Sponsor and champion in the House, Rep Bill Taylor. He was an honored guest and shared his perspective and thoughts about the process and support for a COS resolution passing in South Carolina.  Events like these are happening all across the country and serve to enhance and propel the resolutions in each State.


About Florida Senator Alan Hays

Sen. Hays has offered to continue to help COS in various ways since Florida passed in 2014. His knowledge gained as a sponsor of the Florida resolution provided the power for Florida to be the third state to pass. With this background, he knew he could help other states like SC. In October 2016, Senator Hays served as one of the Florida Delegates to the COS Simulation held in Virginia. He attended and spoke at the FL Strategy Meeting in May 2017.  Sen Hays serves now as Lake County FL Supervisor of Elections. He is a retired Dentist, Certified Circuit Court Civil Mediator, and has a long list of awards for legislative leadership and service to various civic groups. Florida is honored to have a patriot like Senator Hays. He finds pleasure in helping COS after retirement by continuing his support and is appreciated for helping non passed states like South Carolina.  Above all else, he explained that calls and face-to-face contact with representatives are the most effective ways to raise awareness and gain support for the Convention of States. This is a testament to the true power of the grassroots.


How You Can Help in SC:

A simple 5-minute call once a month to your district representative significantly increases the chances of the resolution passing. If you are not sure who your representatives are, you can find them here.

You‘ve done the easy part – you signed the petition at Convention of States. You can take it a step further and register as a volunteer or District Captain! Now it’s time to put that all into action! If you were serious about your concerns for the future of our Country at the hands of career politicians who could not care less about our future, now is the time to really begin your service to that end!  As the 2018 legislative session is upon us, the South Carolina Convention of States team is garnering support from legislators throughout the state and the team needs your participation.

Thank you to the SC Team

The event was held at the Flight Deck Restaurant in Lexington SC by the State Executive Team, Steve Isaksen, State Director and Chris Neeley, Deputy State Director.