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ALERT: TN Senator Attempts to Rescind COS Resolution

Calling all Convention of States supporters nationwide: Tennessee Senator Mike Bell has filed legislation to rescind the COS resolution passed just last year by the Tennessee legislature!  

This is a serious attack on the entire Convention of States Project.  

Senator Bell needs to hear from you now.  Politely ask Senator Bell to withdraw SJR0254.

Here is what must happen in order to send a message, loud and clear, to Senator Bell and any other state legislator who might get ideas about rescinding the COS resolution: We need his emails jammed, Twitter account flooded, Facebook account lit up, fax machine running out of ink and paper, and voicemails full.

Keep going and don’t stop until you hear that this rescission bill has been withdrawn. 

Here are some talking points you can use when crafting your message, but please PERSONALIZE them and be polite but firm and professional.

1)    Ask Senator Bell to “Withdraw SJR0254”! Be firm, but nice.  
2)    Include your name.
3)    Tell him why you believe the Convention of States resolution is our last best hope for America.

Using the information listed below, please email, call, fax, and text Senator Bell today!

Senator Mike Bell
Office: (615) 741-1946
Fax: (615) 253-0374
Email:  (please click this link to launch your email client which automatically populate the BCC field to send a blind copy of your email to us – if that does not work, don’t worry, just copy and paste the email address.)





Again, be sure to tweak the subject line, message, and add your name.