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Arizona moves on step closer to calling a Convention of States


Last week the Arizona State House of Representatives passed the Convention of States resolution (HCR 2010) by a vote of 31 to 26.

This is but one step in the journey that ultimately will allow Arizona to play a role in the historical healing process of America: an Article V Convention of States. Term limits on Congress, a balanced budget, and bureaucratic accountability will be the result.

We couldn't be prouder of our team in Arizona--we're honored to work with such dedicated, passionate patriots.

Want your state to follow Arizona's lead? Sign the Convention of States petition! We'll send a copy directly to your state legislators, urging them to join Arizona and dozens of other states in their consideration of the Convention of States resolution.


If you live in Arizona...

If you're a resident of Arizona, the following message is for you from Arizona State Director Mike Kapic.

We took an important step last week, but our work is far from over. The view down the road is not rosy--it is steep and rugged, but doable. We’ve been here before, but we didn’t have you then. We can fix the broken federal government if we all pull together and do the hard work that lies ahead.

Start by signing the Governor Ducey petition requesting Senator Biggs to allow all legislation to enter the Senate. Go to and click on Sign the Petition.

Then talk to family, neighbors, co-workers, and ask them to become involved. We’ll need emails and phone calls and visits to your Senators across Arizona asking for their support of HCR 2010. We’re short a few key votes and need your help with every Senator in Arizona.

Thank you for supporting the fight for our country.

Mike Kapic is the State Director for the Arizona Convention of States team.