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Arizona Rep. Kelly Townsend on the vision of Col. George Mason

Arizona State Rep. Kelly Townsend, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, speaks in the video below about the Convention of States resolution, praising George Mason for his foresight in providing us this solution.

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9/11 survivor, Texas state senator, Gulf War veteran: Why Brian Birdwell joined the Convention of States Project

Texas Sen. Brian Birdwell is a Gulf War veteran and survived severe injuries sustained on 9/11 during the attack on the Pentagon. Now he courageously supports the only solution as big as the problem.

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Indiana Volunteer: Congress enriches themselves while bankrupting our children

This Indiana volunteer didn't hold back in his testimony last year. Due to his efforts, along with thousands of Indiana supporters around the state, the Hoosier State became the sixth state to pass the Convention of States application. 

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Utah Rep. Kraig Powell: Federal overreach = Convention of States

In the video below, State Representative Kraig Powell of Utah urges support for the Convention of States resolution, recognizing the overwhelming need as well as the safety of the process.

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Leaders among leaders

We believe that in times like these, the statesmen will stand. Leaders recognize, as Ronald Reagan once said, that "this is a wonderful time to be alive. We've been blessed with the opportunity to stand for something— for liberty and freedom and fairness."

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In the News: Convention of States Nebraska holds town hall with Sen. Steve Halloran

Nebraskans have long supported a Convention of States, and this could be the year the legislature finally answers their constituents call.

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Could Michigan be the next state to call for a Convention of States?

David Schneider, Regional Director for the Convention of States Project, appeared on the Daily Ledger recently to report on some exciting developments in Michigan!

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Ben Shapiro: "Today I endorsed the Convention of States Project"

Recently, at a high-profile YAF event in Utah, Ben Shapiro boldly announced his support for Convention of States to save the Constitution. Check it out!

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In the News: North Carolina to vote on Convention of States resolution

The following excerpt was written by Corey Friedman and originally published in The Wilson Times.

Jim DeMint couldn’t convince his Capitol Hill colleagues to balance the budget, but he says state lawmakers wield untapped power to shrink federal spending and cut Washington down to size.

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Convention of States llama?? Volunteers get creative in North Carolina

When it comes to saving the country, Convention of States volunteers pull out all the stops. Senator Jim DeMint traveled to North Carolina this week to encourage state legislators to vote for the Convention of States resolution, and volunteers in the Tar Heel State made sure state representatives would never forget his visit. As the News & Observer reports: 

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