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LISTEN: Virginians! Mark Levin has a job for you

Mark Levin isn't known for pulling punches -- he's known for speaking the truth. He maintained his reputation yesterday as he described the situation in Virginia and issued Virginians a strong call to action.

Check out this excerpt from his radio show:

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Are you one of the 5%?

There are approximately 5,500 state legislative districts in this country. Convention of States supporters have submitted petitions in 95% of them, but we think we can do better: we want to make it 100%.

Do you live in one the districts we've listed below? If so, you're one of the 5%, and we encourage you to sign the Convention of States petition today!

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Ken Cuccinelli: No viable alternative to Convention of States

Ken Cuccinelli posted the following on his Facebook page over the weekend. Please share it with all your friends!

Regarding a possible convention of states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, I'm putting this in a Compass shortly:

One of the most unique and important discussions among constitutional conservatives is taking place right now in Virginia’s General Assembly. It is the debate about whether the states (including Virginia) should exercise their rights to call an Article V Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution to limit the power of the federal government.

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Mark Levin: Attention Virginia, you are up!

Mark Levin posted the following on his Facebook page over the weekend. Please share it with your friends!

I am fed up with the lies and dishonest tactics of the opponents of the Article V Convention of the States process. They've reached a new level of deceit in Virginia, where a vote is taking place on Wednesday. Rather than uphold the Constitution and promote federalism and state authority to address the growing tyranny of the federal government, people like State Senator Dick Black and his John Birch Society buddies are resorting to outright deceit to scare and pressure members of the Virginia Assembly to vote against it.

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Sarah Palin: Contact Virginia lawmakers

Sarah Palin posted the following on her Facebook page over the weekend. Please share her post with all your friends!

Tired of government gone wild? Here's what we can do about it!

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Michael Farris: Fighting slander from "friends"

I posted the following on my Facebook page over the weekend. Please share with your friends in Virginia!

I have been political friends with two Virginia legislators for many years--Bob Marshall and Dick Black. They are actively working to kill a Convention of States with the outlandish argument that this is nothing more than a plan to replace the current Constitution with some radical version.

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41 co-sponsors sign Kansas Convention of States application

Convention of States history has been made.

Our application in Kansas, HCR 5010, has been submitted with 41 co-sponsors, the most in the history of the Convention of States Project.

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Answering Senator Dick Black

Michael Farris, J.D., LL.M.
Constitutional Lawyer & Chancellor of Patrick Henry College

At the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, George Mason of Virginia insisted that there would come a day when the federal government would abuse the authority it was given under the Constitution. Mason therefore insisted that the States be given the power to propose amendments to the Constitution to rein in the Federal Government. Mason said that Congress would never propose amendments to restrict federal power. And he has been proven right.

Dick Black’s “Urgent” Appeal is false, deceptive, and demeaning to all Virginians.  Here’s why:

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Help us reach 100,000 petition signatures!

You have the opportunity to make history. Right now. From the comfort of your home.

An Article V Convention of States has never been held, but the momentum is growing, and you can be a part of this historic movement by signing the Convention of States petition.

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TAKE ACTION: Help Virginia Pass the House

Our opposition in Virginia has kicked into high gear, using robocalls and scare tactics in an attempt to derail our efforts to rein in federal power through a Convention of States. With a vote on the Convention of States resolution expected within days, we need you to contact every delegate in the Virginia Assembly and tell them to vote for HJ497 and support a Convention of States to bring the power back to Virginia!

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