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Georgia Senate Rules Committee passes COS Application

Thanks to you, Georgia is well on its way to passing the Convention of States application.

The news has been pouring in, and it’s all good.

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South Dakota state rep. files COS Application

We're pleased to announce that South Dakota Representative Isaac Latterell (R-Sioux Falls) has filed the COS Project application.

“I have always believed that the solutions to America’s problems will come from the people, not from Washington,” said Rep. Latterell. “Fortunately, the authors of the Constitution gave us the power to fix Washington without the approval of Congress or the President, who will never vote to limit their own power. I am excited to see that as so many South Dakotans rise up to join this effort, their optimism for America rises also, as we finally work together on a solution as big as the problem.”

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Alabama and New Mexico join the fight

Two more states have joined the fight to preserve liberty in America.

Alabama Rep. Ken Johnson, along with 32 other Alabama representatives, filed the COS application in the Alabama House of Reps. on January 16. A few weeks prior, New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell pre-filed the COS application in her state on January 2.

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South Dakota needs your help

The time is now, South Dakota!  The COS application is already being heard by the House State Affairs Committee. 

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