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Coburn: The states must take control to preserve liberty

Representing the citizens of Oklahoma is an enormous privilege. Having served Oklahoma in Congress for 16 years, I know that addressing the wide variety of concerns and interests of Oklahomans can also be a tough job.

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From garbage collector to Army Major to Convention of States leader: How Terry Richmond helped pass the Article V resolution in Alabama

Marching down the National Mall with one million American patriots was an experience that Terry Richmond will never forget.

The 20-year Army vet and long-time Convention of States volunteer recalled how his time in Washington during the 2009 Tea Party marches piqued his interest in conservative political causes and later led him to join the Convention of States Project as Legislative Liaison for Alabama. Terry’s life is a testament to the vitality of the American dream and demonstrates his commitment to preserving it for future generations.

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Maine citizens vote at GOP Convention to include Convention of States in platform

Maine State Director Ken Quinn recently attended the 2016 Maine Republican Convention to propose the addition of an Article V Convention of States plank to the Republican platform.

His trip was remarkably successful.

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Legislator outed who blocked the Convention of States resolution in WV

Last week we sent out an urgent, nationwide request. We asked all Americans committed to constitutional governance to contact West Virginia legislators and urge them to stand against the shenanigans of a few men in positions of power. Thank you to the thousands of you who responded to that call.

Here’s a brief recap of what happened:

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An on-the-ground look at the fight in Ohio (video)

We're travelling the country to give you an inside look at the efforts in every state to call a Convention of States. Next up: Ohio!

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How one "passed state" continues the fight for self-governance

The following was written by Emily Littleton and originally published on The Jackson Sun.

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Members of the Elections, Constitution and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee need to hear from you now!

We must make sure the members of the Elections, Constitution and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee know how important our efforts are to the Republic.  The states joined together and using Article V are more powerful than Washington, DC. They need to consider HJR44 and move it to the floor of the House for final consideration.

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Idaho Senate committee lays down the law for future convention delegates

History, precedent, and common sense all agree: an Article V Convention of States is safe. But despite the numerous political and legal safeguards, some folks still fear a "runaway convention." To calm those fears, state legislators in Idaho have joined other states in considering a bill that would spell out exactly how convention delegates would be selected and what they could do at a Convention of States.

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Her team needed her, so one state director made a HUGE sacrifice to secure a Convention of States victory

We often say that Convention of States volunteers are the best in the nation. If this doesn't prove it, we're not sure what does.

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Another state house casts a vote for liberty

The good news is coming in so fast we can barely keep up! Here's the latest legislative victory.

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