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Call to Action!

This is the official Call to Action page for the Kansas Convention of States team.  We will continually update this page and send out new communications each time it is updated to alert you to come back and take action.  



Kansas Call to Action!

Immediate action requested in contacting an obstructionist in the Kansas Senate!

Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer (R-Grinnell)  Kansas Senate Federal & State Affairs Committee Chair

Purpose:  To vote Senate Concurrent Resolution 1603 (SCR 1603)– Making application to the U.S. Congress to call a Convention of the States – out of committee quickly in order to receive a floor vote in the Senate before end of session.

Rationale: SCR-1603 was heard by the Senate Fed & State Affairs Committee in 2015. Since that hearing, the bill has languished in committee without a vote. We need SCR-1603 to be voted out of Fed/State so that it may be heard and voted on in the Senate immediately, prior to close of the 2016 session. A more conservative chamber than the House, and with the support of the Senate Leadership, we should pass out of the Senate with the 27 votes we need to bring the bill to the House for a rehearing and new vote.

Currently Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer refuses to meet with the Convention of States staff, and refuses to move this legislation to the Senate Floor for an up/down vote.

Potential outcomes of this action:  2

1) Senate Fed/State Affairs Committee reports SCR1603 out of committee and it goes to the Senate Floor. Senate approves the bill with 27+ votes, forcing the House to take up the Senate version of our legislation.

2) Senate Fed/State Affairs Committee reports SCR1603 out of committee and it goes to the Senate Floor. Senate fails to pass with 27+ votes, providing us with a list of supporters and a list of targets for future political grassroots action in the coming election season.

Action Steps:

  1. Contact Senator Ostmeyer by email, phone, or in person. Email: Phone: 785-296-7399 In person at the State Capitol, Room 136-E, or in district.
  2. If you are a resident of the Kansas 40th Senate District, let him know.  Tell him you want, “A Motion to Report SCR=1603 out of committee.” Remind him that he does NOT need to rehear the bill. Also remind him he can do this immediately in a normal committee meeting, or “at the rail.”
  3. He alone has the power in HIS committee to vote this measure out to the Senate floor, please thank him!
  4. Tell him you will be watching for his immediate action.
  5. Once all of the steps above are done, advise us at

Time is of the essence. Please do this by end of the day Monday, but today if possible. 

Thank you again for your action and support!