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Call to Action! Send Thank You Emails to Your State Representative


We are now up to 59 cosponsors, including our Sponsor Representative Sheila Butt. This is how it's done, folks. One representative at a time. We need to thank our cosponsors, without "bothering" them too much and we need to reach out to those who have not cosponsored.

What to do:

  1. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THANK YOU E-MAILS TO EVERY SPONSOR. Keep the e-mail limited to only your representative if they are a sponsor.

  2. Find your state representative: go to Click Find My Legislator. Type in your voting address and zip code. Click Submit.

  3. If your representative is in the list below, please send a thank you e-mail. Use the words Your constituent and thank you and cosponsoring and SJR0067 and Convention of States in the subject line. (This will allow the assistants to sort and group the many emails they receive.) Keep the body of the email short and sweet.

  4. If your representative is NOT in the list below, please send a polite email asking for their support. Use the words Please support (or cosponsor) and SJR0067 and Convention of States in the subject line. Tell them you want them to fulfill the duty given to them by the Founders to restrain a runaway federal government. Tell them why you want them to do this. Make it personal. But keep it short and sweet. They don’t have time to read long e-mails.

We are grateful for each and every cosponsor. For us, our children and grandchildren: THANK YOU!!!

But we’re not satisfied with 59. Other states are watching to see what happens in Tennessee. We need to run up the score as an encouragement to the lawmakers in those other states.

The message is simple: a representative who cosponsors our resolution is DEFINITELY for reining in the out-of-control federal government.

Any representative who waits until the resolution reaches the floor and votes “Yes” can be considered a friend to the effort.

Any representative who fails to vote “Yes” on the floor (Votes “No” or passes or is absent without good cause) is FOR a runaway federal government stealing your rights and liberties.

Will your representatives fulfil their duty under Article V to protect you from the out-of-control federal government? If yes, then thank them. If not, then ask them why not!


Representative District Email Office
Alexander, David District 39 107 WMB
Brooks, Harry District 19 117 WMB
Brooks, Kevin District 24 103 WMB
Butt, Sheila District 64 106 WMB
Byrd, David District 71 110 WMB
Calfee, Kent District 32 219 WMB
Carr, Dale District 12 214 WMB
Carter, Mike District 29 G-3 WMB
Casada, Glen District 63 25 LP
Coley, Jim District 97 207 WMB
Daniel, Martin District 18 109 WMB
DeBerry, John J., Jr. District 90 26 LP
Doss, Barry District 70 106 WMB
Dunn, Bill District 16 115 WMB
Durham, Jeremy District 65 102 WMB
Eldridge, Jimmy A. District 73 208 WMB
Goins, Tilman District 10 207 WMB
Gravitt, Marc District 30 107 WMB
Halford, Curtis District 79 108 WMB
Harwell, Speaker Beth District 56 19 LP
Hawk, David District 05 201 WMB
Hazlewood, Patsy District 27 20 LP
Holsclaw, Jr., John B. District 04 G-24 WMB
Holt, Andy H. District 76 205 WMB
Howell, Dan District 22 110 WMB
Hulsey, Bud District 02 204 WMB
Johnson, Curtis G. District 68 15 LP
Kane, Roger District 89 202A WMB
Keisling, Kelly District 38 108 WMB
Kumar, Sabi District 66 G-28 WMB
Lamberth, William District 44 22 LP
Littleton, Mary District 78 104 WMB
Lollar, Ron District 99 214 WMB
Lundberg, Jon District 01 20 LP
Lynn, Susan District 57 104 WMB
Marsh, Pat District 62 G-19A WMB
Matheny, Judd District 47 215 WMB
Matlock, Jimmy District 21 219 WMB
McCormick, Gerald District 26 18A LP
McDaniel, Steve District 72 18 LP
McManus, Steve District 96 20 LP
Moody, Debra District 81 205 WMB
Pody, Mark District 46 203 WMB
Powers, Dennis District 36 G-27 WMB
Ragan, John District 33 G-24 WMB
Reedy, Jay D. District 74 22 LP
Rogers, Courtney District 45 110A WMB
Sargent, Charles District 61 206 WMB
Sexton, Jerry District 35 113 WMB
Shepard, David District 69 34 LP
Sparks, Mike District 49 113 WMB
Swann, Art District 08 G-19A WMB
Todd, Curry District 95 209 WMB
Van Huss, James (Micah) District 06 23 LP
White, Dawn District 37 209A WMB
White, Mark District 83 217 WMB
Williams, Ryan District 42 114 WMB
Wirgau, Tim District 75 G-2 WMB
Zachary, Jason District 14 105A WMB
Representative District Email  Office
Akbari, Raumesh District 91 35 LP
Armstrong, Joe E. District 15 33 LP
Beck, Bill District 51 24 LP
Camper, Karen D. District 87 32 LP
Clemmons, John Ray District 55 38 LP
Cooper, Barbara District 86 38 LP
Dunlap, Kevin District 43 32 LP
Faison, Jeremy District 11 202 WMB
Farmer, Andrew District 17 109 WMB
Favors, JoAnne District 28 35 LP
Fitzhugh, Craig District 82 33 LP
Forgety, John District 23 109 WMB
Gilmore, Brenda District 54 26 LP
Hardaway, G. A. District 93 37 LP
Hicks, Gary District 09 206A WMB 
Hill, Matthew District 07 23 LP
Hill, Timothy District 03 23 LP
Jenkins, Jamie H. District 94 105 WMB
Jernigan, Darren District 60 24 LP
Jones, Sherry District 59 26 LP
Love, Harold M., Jr. District 58 35 LP
Miller, Larry J. District 88 36 LP
Mitchell, Bo District 50 37 LP
Parkinson, Antonio District 98 36-B LP
Pitts, Joe District 67 32 LP
Powell, Jason District 53 34 LP
Ramsey, Bob District 20 212 WMB
Sanderson, Bill District 77 204 WMB
Sexton, Cameron District 25 114 WMB
Shaw, Johnny District 80 36C LP
Smith, Eddie District 13 207 WMB
Spivey, Billy District 92 205 WMB
Stewart, Mike District 52 17 LP
Terry, Bryan District 48 107 WMB
Towns, Joe, Jr. District 84 37 LP
Travis, Ron District 31 G-3 WMB
Turner, Johnnie District 85 38 LP
Weaver, Terri Lynn District 40 105 WMB
Windle, John Mark District 41 24 LP
Womick, Rick District 34 G-29 WMB