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Central Region

Central Region

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COS Tools

Followup Tool
Dashboard of new supporters, providing an efficient method for sending a follow-up email and/or phone call to welcome and thank them for their support. After completing the followup, the supporter will no longer be included in the display, but all supporters are included in the District Dashboard. This Dashboard is accessed from the District/Region button, and displays selected information from NationBuilder for all (not just new) supporters, and provides an efficient method for District Captains to manage their supporters, including sending individual emails or logging contact notes. For a training video (39 min), click on the Training Video button in the Followup Tool.

Followup Tool Guidelines

Leadership Applicant Processing Tool (LAPD)
Dashboard of all applicants for leadership positions, and all assigned leaders (Regional Captains are not currently included). Used to manage the process of vetting and on-boarding new leaders, and to remove assigned leaders. This tool is generally only available to State-level leaders and Regional Captains. For a training video (25 min), click on the Training Video button in the Dashboard.
Legislative Management System (LMS)
Allows District Captains to review/update the current COS position of the legislators in their district. State leaders have a more complete view, which includes all legislators and details of committee hearings, legislation and votes. This tool is primarily designed for the Legislative Liaison.
Patriot Games Intelligence Center (beta)
This tool enables the grassroots to record interactions with legislators (phone, email, letters, in-person) in detail, which will flow to LMS. A War Room feature provides the mechanism to react with social media to calls-to-action. Currently available by invitation only -- general release expected soon.
Zimbra Email Login
State-level leaders and Regional Captains have been provided a full email account in Zimbra. All other leaders have forward-only accounts, so no login is needed.


Register for Weekly Patriot Games Training Webinar
A weekly webinar hosted by COS National (8-9 pm Central) that is intended for new leaders and leader applicants. To attend, you must register for this GoToMeeting webinar in order to receive a link to join the meeting. All leaders are welcome, but it is principally intended as an introduction for new leaders, so there is some level of redundancy from week-to-week.
Patriot Games Training Archive
This archive webpage provides access to view the video from all previous training sessions, and has links for any handouts or other reference materials that were discussed during the session.
COS NationBuilder University
Training videos prepared by COS National staff, covering a variety of topics helpful to COS leaders. As the technology tools have evolved over time, some of these videos may now contain outdated material.

Suggested Starting Videos for New District Captains:
District Captain Basic Training (27 min)
Using Bookmarks (12 min)
How to Use Filters in NationBuilder (25 min)
Create an Email Blast (17 min)

Procedure Documents

District/Region Dashboard Data Export
District Captains may find it helpful in some instances to work with supporter data offline (in a spreadheet or database), but NationBuilder does not provide any convenient way to export data. Data displayed in the District/Region Dashboard (accessed from within the Followup Dashboard) however can be copied and pasted as a work-around. This document provides a detail description of how this can be done.

Excel Template for Dashboard Export

District/Regional/State Email Blast Request Form

Print order requests, event planning/payment requests, etc.