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Final Steps in Alaska

Great news! Thanks to your calls and emails, the Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Convention of States application (HJR 22) on Wednesday, March 26.

Only one more step remains before Alaska officially passes our application.

HJR 22 must pass the Senate as a whole. Please take a moment to contact your state senator and voice your support for HJR 22 to call a Convention of States. You can use these talking points to help you navigate the call or send the sample email below:

Dear Senator [Last Name],

Please consider voting for HJR 22 to call a Convention of States. This is the last, best chance to preserve liberty in this nation and force Congress to be fiscally responsible. The founders gave the states Article V for such a time as this—it is our duty to use it.

Your vote can bring us one step closer to ensuring the preservation of liberty in this country. I want Alaska to take the lead on this important issue.


[Your Name]

Once HJR 22 passes the Senate, Alaska will have officially passed our application to call a Convention of States. It’s vitally important you spread the word to your friends and family and encourage them to contact their state senator.

Your hard work is paying off. We look forward to giving you more good news soon.