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Georgia Senate Rules Committee passes COS Application

Thanks to you, Georgia is well on its way to passing the Convention of States application.

The news has been pouring in, and it’s all good.

The Telegraph reported Georgia citizens filled the room at the hearing. Decked out in red, white, and blue, COS patriots brought signs that read, “YES TO COS!” and more than a dozen people voiced their support for the COS Project.

One such supporter was 15-year-old Amelia Boland.

“Right now, it’s like we’re on iron rails and unless we do something, then we’re going down path,” Boland said to 41NBC/WMGT.

We received over 500 letters of support for the Georgia COS application, many of which we forwarded to our COS state director in Georgia. Our state director brought these letters to the meeting to show the widespread approval for the Convention of States Project.

Your letters, along with the COS supporters packing the room, did not go unnoticed. The rules committee passed the COS application by a vote of 15-3.

Cecil Staton, the Georgia state senator sponsoring the resolution, said his constituents are frustrated with the “bloated and abusive” federal government. But a Convention of States gives us hope.

“This is the method the Constitution gives the states to try to reign in the federal government,” said Staton.

“It gives me a future and it gives me hope to hold onto,” Boland said. “I know that if the Convention of States goes through then our country isn’t completely gone.”

Georgia is well on its way, but what about your state? If you want your state to support the Convention of States Project, sign up for a leadership position or sign the Convention of States petition.