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Our Faith, Our Family, Our Land, Our Freedom

Idaho District Captains

District Captains are volunteers assigned to a House district, responsible for coordinating the activities and outreach within their district.

Below is a list showing the District Captain for each district. For other State leaders, refer to the Idaho Team section of the COSaction Idaho page.

Dist Captain Email Address Phone City State Representative
1 Earl Mills 208-290-6184 Sandpoint Scott, Heather (R)
Dixon, Sage G. (R)
2 Randell Lanfell 208-755-9370 Hayden Barbieri, Vito (R)
Redman, Eric M. (R)
3 Ralph Johnson 469-261-9481 Coeur d'Alene Mendive, Ron (R)
Cheatham, Don (R)
4 Larry Giffin 208-216-9132 Coeur D' Alene Malek, Luke (R)
Amador, Paul (R)
5 Gordon Henley 208-596-0771 Moscow Jordan, Paulette E. (D)
Troy, Caroline Nilsson (R)
6 OPEN       Stevenson, Thyra (R)
Kingsley, Mike (R)
7 Tracy Grant 530-263-4648 Orofino Giddings, Priscilla (R)
Shepherd, Paul E. (R)
8 Tammy Weaver 208-680-4362 Mackay Gestrin, Terry (R)
Moon, Dorothy (R)
9 Noel Reynolds 208-921-7023 Council Kerby, Ryan (R)
Boyle, Judy (R)
10 Kris Strike 602-909-7655 McCall Hixon, Brandon A. (R)
Chaney, Greg (R)
11 OPEN       Syme, Scott (R)
Perry, Christy (R)
12 OPEN       Anderst, Robert (R)
Youngblood, Rick D. (R)
13 Dale Klein 208-465-4946 Nampa Crane, Brent J. (R)
Collins, Gary E. (R)
14 OPEN       Moyle, Mike (R)
DeMordaunt, Gayann (R)
15 OPEN       Luker, Lynn M. (R)
McDonald, Patrick (R)
16 Martin Harris 208.801.9904 Bosie McCrostie, John (D)
Kloc, Hy (D)
17 OPEN       Gannon, John (D)
Chew, Sue (D)
18 OPEN       Rubel, Ilana (D)
King, Phylis K. (D)
19 Guy Monahan 808-485-5015 Eagle Erpelding, Mathew W. “Mat” (D)
Wintrow, Melissa (D)
20 Craig Jensen 702-313-6532 Meridian Palmer, Joe (R)
Holtzclaw, James (R)
21 OPEN       Harris, Steven (R)
Dayley, Thomas (R)
22 OPEN       Woude, John Vander (R)
Monks, Jason A. (R)
23 OPEN       Zito, Christy (R)
Blanksma, Megan (R)
24 Scott Boden 208-490-6609 Twin Falls Clow, Lance W. (R)
Hartgen, Stephen (R)
25 Emily Cummings 925-765-8189 Jerome Bell, Maxine T. (R)
Kauffman, Clark (R)
26 Alan Jay 208-404-2821 Hagerman Miller, Steven (R)
Toone, Sally (D)
27 OPEN       Bedke, Scott (R)
Wood, Fred (R)
28 Larry Burden 208-251-3723 Downey Armstrong, Randy (R)
Packer, Kelley (R)
28 Kirk Gunnell 208-220-8291 Pocatello Armstrong, Randy (R)
Packer, Kelley (R)
29 Zac Shumway 208-982-9646 Pocatello Manwaring, Dustin (R)
Smith, Elaine (D)
30 Melanie Anderson 208-206-9673 Idaho Falls Thompson, Jeff (R)
Horman, Wendy (R)
31 Ronald Grant 208-228-6107 Aberdeen Anderson, Neil A. (R)
VanOrden, Julie (R)
32 Dave Erlanson 814-335-0340 Swan Valley Gibbs, Marc (R)
Loertscher, Thomas F. (R)
32 Don Herbert 208-244-4394 Pocatello Gibbs, Marc (R)
Loertscher, Thomas F. (R)
33 OPEN       Trujillo, Janet (R)
Zollinger, Bryan (R)
34 Steve Roderick 208-656-5875 Rexburg Nate, Ronald (R)
Raybould, Dell (R)
35 OPEN       Burtenshaw, Van T. (R)
Hanks, Karey (R)

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