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Idaho Senate committee lays down the law for future convention delegates

History, precedent, and common sense all agree: an Article V Convention of States is safe. But despite the numerous political and legal safeguards, some folks still fear a "runaway convention." To calm those fears, state legislators in Idaho have joined other states in considering a bill that would spell out exactly how convention delegates would be selected and what they could do at a Convention of States.

Magic reports:

The bill does not in itself call for a convention, but it spells out that, should one be called, two delegates would be appointed by the House, two by the Senate and three by both chambers. It also says the delegates would be limited to discussing whatever issues the Idaho Legislature sent them there to discuss, an attempt to limit the scope of any convention. [...]

“I think the risk is worth the effort because of where we’re going, and Congress’s inability to slow itself down and exercise discretion or control, particularly in fiscal matters,” said Sen. Todd Lakey, R-Nampa.

Many of the people who testified in favor of the bill framed a convention called by the states as a way to rein in what they view as an out-of-control federal government, mentioning the more than $19 trillion national debt and also federal involvement in areas that, they said, were intended to be left to the states.

Julie Lindy, lobbyist for Convention of States, said the “shining city on a hill” the Founding Fathers envisioned has been been tarnished and, in some places, “gone dark,” and the states should take action to return America to its founding principles.

“That line will be drawn through Congress, Article V, or, God forbid, revolution,” she said.

We applaud the efforts of Idaho legislators to be proactive in their efforts to call an Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States is the only effective solution to federal overreach, and these Senators have taken the first steps towards this solution.

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