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Indiana Senate passes Convention of States resolution

The good news keeps rolling in! This time from the Hoosier State. Check it out.

The Indiana Senate took a decisive step towards liberty this week, voting 34-16 in favor of SJR 14, a resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints on Congress, and mandate term limits for federal officials. The Senate vote comes on the heels of a decisive 6-1 victory in the Indiana Senate’s Civil Law Committee. The Indiana Convention of States team will next seek passage in the House.  

“The Indiana team is thrilled with this decisive victory in the Indiana Senate,” said Diane Gomez, State Director for the Convention of States Project. “We will now focus our efforts on the House where we are receiving strong support. We will continue to push hard to correct the course our nation is on.”

If you live in Indiana, help keep the good times rolling! Click here to contact your state representatives and voice your support for the Convention of States Project.

More and more statesmen and constitutional experts are stepping up to urge citizens and state legislators to use this constitutional tool before it is too late. Recent endorsements include Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, American economist Thomas Sowell, Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio and South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan). They join the ranks of other well-known political figures such as retired U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (OK), Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Sarah Palin, Gov. John Kasich, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Col. Allen West.

Ready for your state to join the momentum? SIGN the petition and ask your state legislators to vote in favor of reining in D.C. with a Convention of States! This is history in the making.