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Internship in Grassroots Leadership and Strategic Activism

Learn how to inspire, train, develop, and lead a team of grassroots leaders for one of the largest grassroots movements in the nation.

Description: Convention of states is one of the largest grassroots movements in America with 60,000+ volunteers and over 2 million supporters.

We are looking for 10 outstanding college interns to each help strategically lead a region of 4-7 states in the area of grassroots leadership development and training. A good candidate will possess the following:

  • A proven patriotism and commitment to the principles of freedom and self-governance.

  • Strong personal skills (communication, compassion, patience, kindness, etc.)

  • Computer savvy—comfortable learning new web tools and new software.

  • Leadership skills—responsible, able to inspire, educate, and empower others to action.

  • Time to commit 15 hours as a week to the internship.


In this internship you will learn how to:

  • Develop and grow a team of volunteers and volunteer leaders

  • Think and plan strategically for grassroots growth and political activism

  • Strategically lead a team of grassroots activists to reach growth and legislative goals

  • How to survive the intense (and at time chaotic) world of political and grassroots activism


How it works:

  1. You apply.

  2. The best applicants are accepted for initial 4 month internship.

  3. They train with a state team for 1 month as a state leader working with that team.

  4. Interns that excel in their state level will be promoted to leadership within their region.



1. Is there any chance for compensation or a paid internship?

This program starts all interns as unpaid volunteers without compensation. Convention of States does have paid internship opportunities open from time to time. We plan to fill these positions from the pool of our most outstanding and proven interns in this program.

2. I’m not sure about the 15 hour per week time-commitment and 4 month duration. Should I still apply?

If you don’t have 15 hours on an average week to devote to this internship you should not apply. If you have the time but are not sure about the 4 month duration just let us know up-front what you are thinking about the duration of the internship.

3. When can I apply?

You can apply anytime. We review and accept/reject applications as they come in.

4. I submitted my application. When can I expect to hear back?

Expect to hear back within 2 weeks.


How to Apply:

Submit the following to with the subject line “Application for Internship - [Your Name Here]”

  1. Top 5 books that have influenced you politically (include a 3-5 sentence explanation of their impact)

  2. A 3-5 paragraph explanation of why the Convention of States project is important to you.

  3. Attach a Resume and cover letter showing your accomplishments and experience in the following areas:

    • Communication/people skills

    • Leadership

    • Patriotism/Political/Non-profit experience