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An Open Letter Regarding the 2017 Session

My fellow Iowans,

As many of you know who have been following the Convention of States Project and our progress with SJR 8, the final bill required for passage of the resolution in Iowa, we did not pass our resolution this session. It is important to note that we have passed both the House and a Senate committee, so next session we will be eligible for a vote on the bill right away. Additionally, if our bill had been brought up for a vote this year, we had the votes required to pass it. So what went wrong?

I wanted to let you all know exactly what occurred and what we can do to solve for the issues we encountered. Last session, under Majority Leader Gronstal, we were blocked very similarly to this. We were garnering support, working in a bi-partisan manner, and Senator Gronstal blocked a vote on our resolution because he, personally, opposed it. This session is a little different, but it caught us off guard nonetheless.

This session, Senator Dix, who is now majority leader, decided to “pause” our resolution because of perceived schism in the Republican ranks. He didn’t want to subject the caucus to a vote when some were opposed or concerned about the resolution, and would like us to work on convincing his caucus.

This is fine in some respect if it were due to a legitimate issue. However, in this instance, the problem didn’t come from within the senators, but from without. A few people made this decision for thousands of Iowans, key among them Tamara Scott who recently was brought on as a lobbyist for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. Because of the influence of these people, and their vehement opposition to the resolution in the ninth hour, artificial schism was created in the Republican ranks and this is what Senator Dix was responding to.

I disagree with his decision. I don’t think two loud voices should overwhelm the calls of thousands of Iowans. However, he has a job to do, and we respect that. It only means that we have the task, now, of making this vote easier for the Republican caucus and of bringing the ignorance of these two to light.

Part of this means denouncing the actions of the leadership of the IFFC. This organization, which has done so much good on the part of Iowans of faith, should not be bastardized to serve the pet projects of those who have only recently begun to serve there. The Convention of States Project resolution is not a part of IFFC’s mission and goals, which is why, during the last sessions, they did not file for or against it. We view the recent actions as being personal and against IFFC’s charter, which is wrong because it takes a respected organization and puts it on the level of a John Birch Society or Iowa Gun Owners, both of which are organizations that have beclowned themselves. Not only that, but the leadership of IFFC have begun espousing arguments that undermine the United States Constitution itself, arguing via proxy that the Constitution was illegally adopted and that nullification (i.e. disregarding federal law as opposed to lawfully changing them) is what should be used to curb the overreaching federal government. This is wrong on many levels and frustrating to watch of a so-called conservative organization.

Another part of our path forward is reminding the Republican senators of their platform, which has included Convention of States for two cycles now. They need to be reminded whom they serve and to which party they belong. In public service, they are not independent actors, but representatives, and the desires of their party, which were adopted by vote of its members, should be respected and adopted into law. To these ends, I and my team will be working, and we respectfully ask that you join us to aid in the cause.

Lastly, I want to extend my apologies to you, the Iowans that I and my leadership team are trying to represent. We, thinking our path forward to be clear, let up when we should have been pressing forward, and it will not be happening again. We pledge to you that, if you are with us, we will fight next year, tooth and nail, until this is passed. We will not count our votes until they have been put on record, and we will approach our friends as well as our enemies with the same level of caution. We accepted that we had friends in this fight until they decided to derail our efforts at the last hour. This will never occur again under my watch. We will do our best to fight on your behalf and make sure Iowa’s voice is added to the growing protest against the tyranny of the federal government.

Thank you for staying by our side in the fight on this crucial topic. With God’s protection, strength, and wisdom, and the desire of her citizens for restoration, America can return to the liberty of a previous age. We do not have to accept this new normal of politicians ruling over us from on high, but can expect a renewed self-government by and for the people. It’s a dream that can be attained, and must if future generations are to thrive in this nation. If we wish to give to our posterity the great gift of liberty that prior generations gave to us, we must start here. We must put aside our fear of shadows and lies and focus on the reality of what our framers gave us. If we cannot trust our states to amend the very Constitution they created, then we deserve to be ruled. If we are too cowardly to stand up to the Supreme Court and the thousands of pages of precedent which have twisted and re-written our founding documents, then we are not worthy of freedom. I believe we’re stronger than that.

Thank you, our great allies for restoration. Please keep an eye out for future updates, because we will be moving sooner rather than later. If you wish to join our leadership team, please do so here, and please keep our cause daily in your prayers.



Sarah Haldeman

State Director, Convention of States Project Iowa

Iowa Senate Needs Your Help

Liberty hangs in the balance.

Today in Iowa, we have the votes to pass the Convention of States application, SJR8... but one man is preventing the vote. This is the application that when passed by 34 states, an Article V Convention of States will be called where the states can propose amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints, and place term limits on federal officials.

This is the only solution as big as the problem, that will permanently drain the swamp and bring power back to the states. Not familiar with Convention of States? Watch this 3-minute video.

Ten states have already passed the same application, and now the eyes of the nation are on Iowa.

We have the votes necessary for a victory in Iowa, we just need to urge one Senator to hold the vote...  Senator Dix is blaming the members of his caucus for not bringing the vote to the floor...  It is critical that all GOP Senators express that they want this vote to Senator Dix ASAP!

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Here We Go Iowa


Iowa is Set to Join the 10 Other States that Have Passed the Convention of States Resolution

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The Article V movement is growing as a result of Americans challenging the ever-growing reach of the federal government that has crossed its constitutional bounds.

 WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 13—Citizens for Self-Governance announces the commissioners attending the first-ever Article V simulated convention of states September 21-23, in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Forty-eight states are sending legislators and respected thought leaders to act as commissioners in performing a test run of an actual Article V convention. Citizens for Self-Governance has posted the list of commissioners here. Iowa commissioner are: Sen. Jack Whitver, Sen. Charles Schneider, and Rep. Jake Highfill.

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Rally for Restoration, featuring Senator Tom Coburn

The Convention of States Project in Iowa is holding a rally featuring Senator Tom Coburn!

Please join us to rally for passage of the COS resolution, HJR 8, in the Iowa senate. Come listen to Senator Coburn talk about how we can utilize the Constitutional processes in Article V of the U.S. Constitution to save our country. Feel like you’ve been stuck in the political mud for too long? Come enjoy the company of like-minded citizens who, regardless of party, candidate, or other interests, agree on one thing; the Constitution is great and must be restored.

When: Tuesday, April 5th, 12PM (Noon)

Where: Front steps of the Iowa Capitol

If you want to see Iowa as the next state to pass this important resolution, come join our number, and rally for restoration!

Iowa Needs Your Help to Pass COS Resolution!

Iowa Needs Your Help to Pass COS Resolution!

Last year, the Convention of States Resolution in Iowa passed the House by a healthy margin, moving into Senate subcommittee where it is being deliberated this year. However, the concerns of Senate leadership have stalled this resolution out, and the funnel deadline of March 11th is fast approaching.

The COS resolution gives the states an opportunity to meet with each other and discuss and vote on proposals for Constitutional amendments to limit the power and scope of the federal government. This is a power the states must assert if we are ever to address the overreach of the federal government. Too many of Iowa’s policies are being written in Washington D.C., far away from the Iowans they impact.  Too much of our money is being taken in order to fund pet projects of federal legislators in other states. Too often are the thoughtful policies passed by our house and senate, and signed into law by our governor, overturned by a rule or regulation from an unelected bureaucracy, a Supreme Court mandate, an executive action, or the whims of the federal Congress. Our state representatives have a duty in the Constitution to address this overreach.

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Iowa Pays the Price and the Convention of States Project to host forum on the best ways to get money out of politics in D.C.

Waterloo, Ia., November 11, 2015 – Citizens of Iowa are invited to an engaging, thought-provoking evening discussing campaign finance reform. Iowa Pays the Price and the Convention of States Project and will host several speakers discussing a variety of strategies to break down the big money monopoly on politics in Washington, D.C. Current confirmed speakers are Mark Meckler, Co-Founder of the Convention of States Project and Senator Jeff Danielson, Iowa Senator and sponsor of legislation to repeal Citizens United. Each speaker will give a short presentation followed by Q&A. Snacks and drinks will be available.

When: Friday, November 13th, doors at 6:30, forum begins at 7PM
Where: Black's Building Skyroom, 501 Sycamore St Waterloo, IA 50703

The views and opinions discussed at this event are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect those of the organizations sponsoring the forum.

About the Convention of States Project

The Convention of States Project is currently organized in all 50 states, including hundreds of thousands of volunteers, supporters and advocates committed to stopping the federal government’s abuse of power. Alaska, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama have passed our Article V resolution since our beginning in 2013. This year alone we filed our resolution in 37 states. For more information visit

Call to action Iowa! Senate Government Committee to consider Article V

After passing the Iowa House 54-43, the Iowa Convention of States Article V application calling for an amending convention has been sent to the Senate State Government Committee for consideration. The bill, HJR 8, needs your support to get it heard on the Senate floor.

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