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Urgent: KY Call To Action

What: Convention of States resolution HJR54 has been assigned to the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs committee.

Action Needed:   Email and call each Legislator on the committee to urge support for HJR54

When:  Now!

Click Here to email every legislator on the committee with the following message:

Dear Representative:

You are receiving this message because you are on the Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee for the Kentucky House of Representatives.  As a state resident and a person who loves our country and U.S. Constitution, I ask that you hear HJR54.  Over 7,600 Kentuckians have signed a petition asking for an Article V Convention of States that will impose fiscal restraints and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  Our Application has already been passed in eight states.  It is time to make permanent fixes to our federal government and end its constant power grab, no matter who is President.  Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know the freedoms we had, if we do not act now!

Best Regards,

(Please add your Name and location to the end of the email.  This link will send an email to all 15 representatives on the committee.)


Its's Time To Melt The Phone Lines TO These Representatives.  Below is a list of Committee Members with phone numbers.

Let these Representatives know (BE NICE!) that you are a constituent and want them to vote "Yes" on HJR54 the Convention of States resolution when it comes before their committee hearing.

House Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs committee members:

Kenny Imes               502-564-8100 x 611

Lynn Bechler              502-564-8100 x 655

Reginald Meeks          502-564-8100 x 653

Joseph M Fisher          502-564-8100 x 742

Derrick Graham          502-564-8100 x 639

Tim Moore                 502-564-8100 x 702

Jason Petrie               502-564-8100 x 618

Jason Nemes             502-564-8100 x 706

Mary Lou Marzian       502-564-8100 x 643

Kevin D Bratcher        502-564-8100 x 680

Sannie Overly            502-564-8100 x 661

Dan Johnson              502-564-8100 x 651

DJ Johnson                502-564-8100 x 705

C. Wesley Morgan       502-564-8100 x 607

Attica Scott                502-564-8100 x 606

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Capital Day - A Huge Success


The Kentucky Convention of States team held they first ever Capital Day Event on Tuesday February 14th at the states capital in Frankfort.  We were blessed with great weather and had close to 50 supporters and COSA team members who attended.  COS President Mark Meckler and Regional Director, Ken Clark were there to kick off a day of very high level meetings. Mark gave an inspiring speech to crowd of supporters and volunteers.  Our legislative sponsor for House Joint Resolution 54 (HJR 54), Representative Jim DeCesare stopped by and addressed the audience and assured us his full support.  




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COS Resolution Filed in the House HJR54

Representative Jim DeCesare District 17 just filed our Convention of States resolution HJR54 in the Kentucky House of Representatives.  Rep. Tim Couch District 90 has signed on as the first co-sponsor.  This comes just days before the KY COS team heads to Frankfort to hold their Capital Day event on Valentines Day Feb. 14th.  The convention of States volunteers across the state of Kentucky are beginning to feel the momentum build in the 2017 legislative session.

HJR 54 (BR 455) - J. DeCesare, T. Couch

Apply to Congress under the provisions of Article V of the Constitution of the United States for the calling of a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraint on the federal government and that limit the powers and jurisdiction of the federal government; to state that the application be aggregated with the applications of other states limited for the purposes identified in the applications; state that the application be a continuing application until a convention is called or until the application is withdrawn by the Kentucky General Assembly.

Feb 09, 2017 - introduced in House

KY COS Strategy Meeting



From left to right starting at the bottom kneeing: DC Dennis Buschman, Digital Media Coordinator Sanford Dotson, State Director Jim Twisdale.  Second role: Veteran Coalitions Director Pat Parker, DC Ted Blaney, Tammy Crowder, Ginny Blaney. Top back role: DC Tim Crowder, Legislative Liaison Doug Bennett, Coalitions Director Donna Travillian and Dave Travillian.

The Kentucky COS leadership team held a Meet & Greet / Strategy session on Saturday January 17th at the home of our Veterans Coalition Director Pat Parker and his wife Anne.  We had a great time meeting new members of the KY team as we are continuing to grow and expand our grassroots efforts here in KY.  We also discussed the strategy for moving our COS resolution through the 2017 General Assembly.

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COS Kentucky Needs You

Over 70% of Americans think our federal government is too big and has too much power.  Our country is 20 Million dollars in debt.  The supreme court makes new laws out of thin air.  The President makes new laws with the stoke of a pin.  Federal bureaucracies pound American businesses and American workers at every turn.  Day by day, law by law, regulation by regulation the federal government encroaches on states’ rights and our individual rights as citizens.  We all see it happening.  Our children’s future is being sold down the river by DC politicians who want to hand out political favors and hand the bill over to future generations to pay for.  We all know it's happening, whether we are Trump supporters or Never-Trumpers, whether we are Democrats or Republicans, we are all Americans first!  The question then becomes- What can we do about it?

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We are COS...And We are Here to Help!

We are the Convention of States, and we’re here to help!  We have all heard that old joke about being from the government and here to help.  But the Convention of States Project is here to help you throw off the burdensome shackles of an overbearing federal government that we have almost all grown accustomed to interfering in our everyday lives. We can do this by showing each of you how to

make your voice heard in your state legislature and ask them to call for an Article V convention of states. 

But what is Article V, and what is a Convention of States?  Well, this is a Kentucky boy’s attempt at explaining the fascinating process left to us by our founding fathers to allow the people (us) to rein in an out-of-control federal government through our state legislatures.  Here is how it happened.

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Coal Mining and the Commerce Clause

When the founding fathers were debating and writing our Constitution they had a very limited federal government in mind.  The new government they devised would only have powers to act on things that individual states could not do alone.  In fact Article I of the constitution lays out specific enumerated powers for congress and any powers not granted to congress were reserved to the states and to the people.  One of those enumerated powers was to regulate commerce among the several states, now famously known as the “Commerce Clause”.  The actual text of the commerce clause reads as follows:  The Congress shall have the power to … To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.  In the 18th century the word “commerce” meant “trade”,  or in our 21st century language “Shipping Stuff”.  Pretty cut and dried.

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The Battlefield Has Changed - We Decide!


At the beginning of 2016 we were told to get used to the status quo.  We will never see any change in Washington DC.  The people have no power.  The Washington elites will never allow the people to choose their own President.  We were also told that our Convention of States resolution would never pass the Kentucky Democratic House of Representatives.  Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo would never let our resolution see the light of day to be voted on by the House.  But things are no longer the same in this country or in our Commonwealth.  The Battlefield has Changed!  And it has changed with a defiant cry from “We the People” – We Decide!

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Kentucky Needs Your Help

Members of the Elections, Constitution and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee need to hear from you now!

We must make sure the members of the Elections, Constitution and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee know how important our efforts are to the Republic.  The states joined together and using Article V are more powerful than Washington, DC. They need to consider HJR44 and move it to the floor of the House for final consideration.


Use one of the following links to send your message to our delegates, or call and email them individually using the contacts below. 

Please support HJR 44 - Our last Constitutional Option


I am concerned about over regulations, sky rocketing national debt and the state of our Republic. Please vote for HJR44 and use Article V to call an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know the freedoms we did, if we do not act now!

Best Regards,


Please pass HJR44 - Please clarify our Founders intent!


Please support HJR44 and vote to use Article V and join the other states to call for an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction, impose fiscal restraints and term limits for Congress and federal officials. Help put the “fence” back around our federal government.



Contact Judiciary Committee

KY Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs:

Reginald Meeks          502-564-8100 x 653

Joseph M Fisher          502-564-8100 x 742

Derrick Graham          502-564-8100 x 639

Mary Lou Marzian       502-564-8100 x 643

Johnny Bell                502-564-7756        

Kevin D Bratcher        502-564-8100 x 680

Jim Gooch Jr.             502-564-8100 x 687

Sannie Overly            502-564-2217        


Thanks for taking action and helping us get this done in Kentucky! You are truly amazing.

We know the rules: Congress does not control a Convention of States

Two false claims have been peddled by Convention of States opponents in recent months: 1) we cannot know the rules that would govern a convention and 2) Congress would control the rulemaking process.

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