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Legislative Process

To start the process we have to find a current legislator who is willing to introduce our legislation in the State House of Representatives during the next session. This legislator is known as our sponsor. The act of submitting the paperwork for our application to the state legislature is known as filing (if it takes place during the session) or pre-filing (if it takes place before the session begins). Once the legislation is filed (or pre-filed), it is assigned a bill number and sent to the Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.

The committee is a small subset of current legislators who screen legislation on a particular issue. Generally, the committee holds a hearing where members of the public are allowed to testify and state their support or opposition to the legislation. After hearing all the testimony and debating the merits of our application, the committee votes on whether to support it. If the committee votes against the resolution, then it is usually dead. If the committee votes to support the resolution, it can proceed on to the House floor.

Once the final committee has voted in support of our application, it can finally be introduced on the House floor, where the whole legislative body can debate the measure. At this point there is usually no opportunity for the public to comment, so it’s important for you to register your support for COS, before our application is debated on the floor.

When the legislators are ready, our application is finally put up for a full vote of the body. If our application fails to get a majority vote, then it dies and can be refiled next year. If it succeeds, then it goes over to the Senate and starts the process all over again.

So remember we have to go through this process twice, first in the KY House of Representatives then again in the Senate.