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Louisiana Becomes 8th State to Call for Convention of States

Have you heard the news?

Yesterday the Louisiana State House PASSED the Convention of States resolution by a vote of 62-36! With final passage in the House, Louisiana becomes the eighth state to pass the Convention of States resolution. Louisiana joins, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana and Oklahoma in saying enough is enough. It's time to reign in an out of control federal government.

A few House members attempted to kill the resolution by inserting "poison pill" amendments. However our support in the House was simply too large for them to overcome. The amendments were defeated and nearly two-thirds of the House voted in favor of the resolution.

For the full video of the debate click here. The debate starts around the 40 minute mark and lasts a little over an hour.

You can click here for the roll call vote on final passage.


(Louisiana Convention of States Action leaders rom left to right: Legislative Liaison Randy Evans, Media Liaison Dale Clary, District Captain Carroll Morgan, District Captain Steve Gardes, State Director Bryce Barras, Information Analyst Martin Nolan, District Captain Robert Trahan, and District Captain Bruce Smith)

I want to say thank you to all of the volunteers who made this happen. You took the time to make those phone calls and send those emails. Without the power of the grassroots, this simply wouldn't have happened. The Louisiana legislature only acted because YOU told them too. That is the power of the grassroots. 

And in case you're wondering, our Louisiana grassroots leadership team isn't going anywhere. I will keep you updated on what we are up to and how YOU can help.

Hopefully other states follow the lead of Louisiana and the other seven states in preserving liberty and self governance for this generation and future generations. Again, thank you for everything you have done. I am forever grateful for your service to this country.

In Liberty,

Bryce Barras
Louisiana State Director
Convention of States Action