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Louisiana Becomes 8th State to Call for Convention of States

Have you heard the news?

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Here Is What You Need To Do

As you probably know, the Convention of States resolution, SCR52, has been scheduled for a floor vote on Wednesday May 25th. These legislators have been identified as "UNKNOWN" or "SHAKY" on this issue. We need you to call the legislators below and ask them to support the SCR52, the Convention of States resolution. Remember to BE POLITE when you call. 

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COS Resolution Scheduled For Vote

We have an update. SCR52, the Convention of States resolution, has been scheduled for a vote on the House floor on Wednesday May 25th. This is the VERY LAST hurdle we must overcome before we become state #8 nationwide! Here is what we need you to do.

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COS Resolution PASSES House Committee

Great news! Your phone calls and emails worked! 

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Action Needed On These Committee Members!

As you know, we've passed the Senate and are now moving onto the House. We have a committee hearing on WEDNESDAY May 18th in the House and Governmental Affairs Committee. Our opposition is out en masse trying to stop this from passing. Even though we passed the House last year, it isn't a given that we will pass this year. I need you to do two things.

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LA High School Students Testify In Favor of COS Resolution

"The next generation is getting involved", says the Abbeville Meridional.

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Ask the House to support SCR 52

Now that we've passed the Senate, we are moving onto the House of Representatives. We are expected to have a hearing in the House and Governmental Affairs Committee soon. 

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COS Resolution PASSES LA Senate!

Today, Louisiana moved one step closer to joining the call of other states to reign in Washington D.C.

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COS Resolution Headed to Senate Floor

After passing committee this week, SCR52 is headed to the Senate floor. 

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COS Resolution Passes Senate Committee!

This morning, the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee voted 6-1 in favor of SCR52! It now heads to the Senate floor.

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