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Minnesota Weapons Collectors Show

Where:  Minnesota State Fair Grounds - Education Building

When:   Saturday, September 30, 2017 8am-5pm

             Sunday, October 1, 2017 9am-3pm

Come to learn of this great movement and our opportunity to restore this nation. 

Our Convention of States table will be staffed by knowledgeable volunteers!!

Stop by and visit, learn, grab some literature and maybe sign our state petition.

We hope to see you there!!!

MN COS Leadership Team 

June 07 HF2690 Update

HF2690 is going to committee. Thank the cosponsors and coauthors.

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Rollie Lange, Clearwater, has published opinion in SC Times

Rollie Lange writes about Article V of the U.S. Constitution, reasons to support Convention Of States Project, and the growing grassroots movement behind it.

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Wayne Hilchen District Captain MN 8B

Wayne Hilchen, COS Action District Captain for MN 8B, supports Convention Of States and calls for interested citizens to join him.

Missouri Is State #12

Missouri becomes state #12 on May 12th to adopt Convention Of States.

COSAction will be at Bearing Arms River Falls Gun Show May 19/20

There will be a COSAction information table at the Bearing Arms River Falls Gun Show May 19/20.

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Texas Passes Article V Application

Congratulations to Texas as they become #11 to join Convention of States!

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Interactive Graphic Map Quickly Shows States Status

This colored, interactive map links to each state's webpage and includes information on passed states, active states, and states where one legislative chamber has passed the Convention of States application. 


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Why Does A Republican Majority Congress Refuse To Repeal ACA?

The struggle to replace Obamacare continues, but Republicans may be running out of time. Insurance companies are threatening to either raise premiums or leave the exchanges if Congress doesn’t cough up the “cost-sharing” subsidies promised in the Obamacare bill. One insurer in California is saying that premiums could rise by as much as 49 percent.

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Rollie Lange talks Convention Of States on KNSI

Rollie Lange, Central Minnesota District Captain, talked about Convention Of States on the Ox In The Afternoon Show KNSI Radio.

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