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Let the Senate hear from you!

As you may know, our COS President Mark Meckler and our Regional Director Ken Clark were in the Mississippi State Capitol on Thursday, March 31 to promote the Article V Convention of States Application in the Mississippi Legislature.  This is a request for your active followup support by doing one or more of the following, and time is of the essence.  The bill must clear the Rules Committee and pass both houses before this session ends on April 24, and with it our opportunity to become the seventh state to have passed an Article V Application.

Sen. Angela Hill is the sponsor of SC 657, and it must pass out of this Committee in order to advance.  The following Senators comprise the Senate Rules Committee: 
Please contact all of these Senators, preferably by phone, and ask them to support and co-sponsor SC 657.  After introducing yourself as one of the Senator's Mississippi constituents, you might make your request with a statement such as this:  

"I am calling to ask you to support and co-sponsor SC 657, the Article V Convention of States bill that has been introduced by Sen. Angela Hill.  And I want to thank you for your consideration of this request, and for your service to our great state as a Senator." 

And I thank YOU for your support of our Convention of States movement!  It will be my pleasure to hear from you and to serve with you in our great cause. 

Mississippi Rules Committee Members need to hear from you now!

Mississippi Rules Committee Members need to hear from you now!

We must make sure the members of the Rules Committee know how important our efforts are to the Republic.  The states joined together and using Article V are more powerful than Washington, DC. They need to consider HCR 86, and move it to the floor of the House for final consideration. They must vote YES on the Convention of States resolution to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints, and place term limits on its officials. 




Use one of the following links to send your message to our delegates, or call and email them individually using the contacts below. 


Please pass HRC 86 - Our Constitutional solution to an overreaching Federal Government 


I am concerned about over regulations, sky rocketing national debt and the state of our Republic. Please vote for HCR 86 and use Article V to call an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know the freedoms we did, if we do not act now!

Best Regards,


Please pass HCR 86 - To clarify our founders intent


Please support HCR 86 and vote to use Article V and join the other states to call for an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction, impose fiscal restraints and term limits for Congress and federal officials. Help put the “fence” back around our federal government.



Contact Rules Committee:


Jason White                   601-359-2861

John Read                      601-359-3366,

Manly Barton                  601-359-3354,

Charles Jim Beckett         601-359-3335

Edward Blackmon, Jr.      601-359-3371

Becky Currie                   601-359-5334

Philip Gunn                     601-359-3300

Gregory Holloway, Sr.      601-359-2435

Mac Huddleston              601-359-3340

John L Morre                  601-359-3330

Greg Snowden                601-359-3304

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Mississippi Call to Action

***BREAKING NEWS: Thank you to everyone who responded to the Call to Action below. Unfortunately, the Mississippi House adjourned early, ending the legislative season before HCR 78 was able to be heard on the floor. We appreciate all the volunteer hours that went into this effort. In the next year, we will continue to build grassroot supporters in the state and look forward to seeing a victory in the next legislative season!***

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