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            The people are ready.

            Clearly we can do this.


Missouri - COS Action

Missouri - COS Action


--  Let Your Voice Be Heard!  --

Tell Your Legislators! --- "IT'S TIME."


Go HERE often to stay up-to-date on Missouri EVENTS.

   - Stand up! Show up! Speak up! -

Let your legislators hear from you often!

This year, we encourage you to get very personal with your state representative and senator - get to know them!  Thank them often for their service and let them know you are ready for them to embrace their obligations in the U.S. Constitution under Article V.

2015 - The Missouri Senate Passed COS Resolution 26:5

2016 - The Missouri House passed COS Resolution 105:43

2017 -  Meet us at the Capitol and be a part of history!

We are headed to the House Floor for FINAL Passage of our resolution.

                      RESOLUTION - SCR 4


Stay Active - Stay Engaged!

1. Make sure you are on the Weekly State Conference Calls.

2. Ask your State Leader to invite you onto the SLACK CHANNEL for leaders.

3. Communicate with BOTH of your legislators every week about these resolutiolns.




** District Captains and Active Volunteers **

We are not done building a ‘regional calendar’ for your part of Missouri.

Please identify the 5 most important events that happen in your House district during the year.  List any event (fair, festival, show, parade, etc.) where a COS table or booth can be set up. 


Please get your list to your District Captain or Regional Coordinator as soon as possible.

Missouri Action

Missouri Action

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Missouri Team

  • Profile Photo

    Thomas Beardslee

    District Captain HD-148

  • Profile Photo

    Michael Bell

    District Captain

  • Profile Photo

    Richard Boerner

    District Captain HD 98

  • Profile Photo

    Rodney Bruce

    District Captain HD 146

  • Profile Photo

    John Burke

    District Captain HD 87

  • Profile Photo

    Keith Carmichael

    National Coalitions Director

  • Profile Photo

    Tim Cavanaugh

    District Captain HD106

  • Profile Photo

    Scott Christie

  • Profile Photo

    William Dale

    District Captain HD 89

  • Profile Photo

    Cheryl Deen

    District Captain HD 94

  • Profile Photo

    Barbara Dorlaque

    District Captain HD 72

  • Profile Photo

    Mark Dunlap

    District Captain HD 85

  • Profile Photo

    Don Ebner

    SEMO Regional Captain

  • Profile Photo

    Bradley Everett

    District Captain HD 60

  • Profile Photo

    Janey Ferrante

    District Captain

  • Profile Photo

    Bill Fleming

    St. Louis Region Captain

  • Profile Photo

    Jim Furkin

    District Captain MO 88

  • Profile Photo

    Brian Hindman

    District Captain MO 117

  • Profile Photo

    Barney Hite

    NW MO Reg. Coordinator

  • Profile Photo

    Rodney Huckleberry

    Passed States Director

  • Profile Photo

    Donald Jagger

    District Captain HD 49

  • Profile Photo

    Donald Jenks

    District Captain HD 50

  • Profile Photo

    Jaremy Lee

    District Captain HD 5

  • Profile Photo

    Kurt Loudon

    State Information Analyst

  • Profile Photo

    David McClanahan

    District Captain MO 112

  • Profile Photo

    Joan McDermott

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Profile Photo

    Michael Millikan

    State Grassroots Coordinator, Mineral Area Captain & Followup Team Member

  • Profile Photo

    Nelson Muller

    District Captain HD 46

  • Profile Photo

    Robert Price

    District Captian HD 147

  • Profile Photo

    Jordan Reed

    District Captain

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