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Missouri House committee stands up for liberty

The Missouri House Government Efficiency Committee took a stand for liberty yesterday, passing the Convention of States resolution (HCR 57) to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

This is a huge step for our team in Missouri. Their tireless efforts have paid off, and now they're one step closer to making Missouri the sixth state to call a Convention of States.

If you want your state to share Missouri's success, here's what you can do: sign the Convention of States petition! When you sign the petition and include your address, we'll send a copy directly to your state legislators. This is a great option if you're unsure who your state legislators are or don't know how to contact them. 

Petitions have been a huge help in Missouri, and we're sure they'll go a long way towards moving our resolution forward in your state as well.


If you live in Missouri...

If you're a resident of Missouri, be sure to like the Missouri state Facebook page and join the Missouri Convention of States team. The Missouri leadership team will contact you through these channels so you know the latest call to action.