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Missouri Representatives File COS Application

The Show Me State is showing the country they’re serious about halting federal overreach.

Missouri House Representative Mike Moon (157), along with 16 additional representatives, filed HCR 41 last week, joining the growing number of state representatives across the country calling for an Article V Convention of States to restrain the power, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government.

“There is virtually no one who believes Washington is not broken and completely out of control,” said Rep. Mike Moon (157). “If this is not a time to take another hard look at the Framer’s core mechanism for balancing power between the states and the federal government – there will never be one.”

Keith Carmichael, the coalitions director for the Missouri Convention of States Project, explained, “As I visit with state legislators, I try to impress on them that they not only have the opportunity to use Article V as a tool to save this Republic—they have the duty to use it. An unfounded ‘fear’ of using Article V for any reason gives us all a Constitution without it – which is not the one that was ratified; not the one many Americans have sworn an oath to uphold; and not the one many have died to protect.”

To allay misconceptions around using Article V to call an amending Convention of States, Missouri representatives have also filed the “Article V Convention Delegate Limitation Act” (HB 2036), outlining rules for choosing delegates, recalling delegates, and upholding their oath to limit proposals to the topic outlined in HCR 41. Such legislation is meant to ensure that delegates stay within their prescribed limits in a Convention of States.

HCR 41 has 16 co-sponsors: Timothy Jones (110, Speaker of the House), John Diehl (89, Majority Floor Leader), Eric Burlison (133), Lyle Rowland (155), Charlie Davis (162), Bill White (161), Mike Kelley (127), Bill Lant (159), Bill Reiboldt (160), Warren Love (125), Rick Brattin (55), Andrew Koenig (99), Jeff Pogue (143), Sonya Anderson (131), Tom Hurst (62), and Scott Fitzpatrick (158).