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Missouri Call to Action



One Man Standing in The Way  

Rep. Jay Barnes (R) - Jefferson City is one of a few GOP Representatives that voted against the Convention of States last year when it was passed with 105 votes in favor.  Rep. Barnes is the roadblock to getting final action on SCR4 which passed already through the Senate on April 13th. 

Please ask Rep. Jay Barnes (politely) to pass out SCR 4 to the full House for final consideration!  Remember, this is the game that was played on this resolution the last 3 years! We have passed the House before (last year) and the Senate twice!  It is time to add Missouri to the 10 other states that have already passed this! 

Representative Jay Barnes

Phone: 573-751-2412 Barnes.jpg




States that have already passed: Oklahoma, Indiana, North Dakota, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alaska, and Arizona.
Need a reminder of on the Convention of States process? Watch this quick video: