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Columbia Falls Information Event

Information Meeting on 11/22/2017

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Finding America

Let’s be honest, America has lost its way.  We are still the greatest country in the world, but the spirit of America and the solutions for what ails it, lies in its people and in our founding principles set forth in our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, not in a single individual and certainly not in the out-of-control federal government we have today.

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Soros, Birchers fight constitutional fix to limit Obama, Congress

A nationwide drive by mostly conservative states to throttle President Obama and Washington's grab for more power and taxes is running into an odd left-right combo of opposition: Liberal financier George Soros and the conservative John Birch Society.

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Convention of States to host three town hall meetings in Montana

The Convention of States Project Montana team wants all Montanans to know that there is a solution to ending federal tyranny by restoring meaningful limits on federal power—but only if we insist that our state legislators use their power in Article V of the Constitution to place a final check on Washington, D.C. All events are free and open to the public on a first-come basis, as seating is limited.

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