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The most important votes of 2016 won't be cast in the Iowa caucuses

The Iowa caucuses begin tonight, and the outcome will determine which candidates get off to a hot start in the presidential primaries. But there are even more important votes being cast across the country even as we speak.

Over 25 states are currently considering a Convention of States resolution to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, force Congress to be fiscally responsible, and mandate term limits for federal officials.

The president will have power for less than a decade. Constitutional amendments proposed at a Convention of States can stop the abuses of the federal government for generations to come. By all means citizens should vote in this year’s primaries--the outcome will have a significant impact on the next four years of domestic and foreign policy. But we must not forget the long-term solution for preserving liberty in America.

History won’t remember the Iowa caucuses of 2016, but it will remember when thousands of Americans and state legislators stood up to the tyranny of Washington, D.C., and did something to make a difference.

Click here to see if the Convention of States resolution is being considered in your state.

Click here to contact your state representative and voice your support for a Convention of States.