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NATIONWIDE ALERT: Contact these Utah Senators today!

Calling all Convention of States supporters nationwide.

When acts of cowardice in one state impact the entire nation, it’s up to us, the American people to hold them accountable.

On February 23, the Utah Convention of States resolution HJR 3 failed in the Senate.

This is the resolution that when passed by 34 states will enable we the people to call a Convention of States and propose amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints, and term limits on federal officials.

What’s most vexing? The Utah legislature's buzzword this year for everything they vote on is FEDERALISM. Yet they just voted down the one tool that can make that a reality.

But there’s still hope.

The Utah Senate can call for a reconsideration.

We need the following to happen in a major, nationwide way to make that happen.

So no matter what state you live in, please do the following. Remember, this legislation isn’t just about Utah - it impacts the entire nation.

We need their emails jammed, text messages and voicemails full. If you can also find and bury them on social media - please do!

Keep going and don’t stop until you hear that this legislation has been recalled and passed. Even if it continues after session. If they don’t pass this immediately, they need to feel the heat every day.

Here are some talking points you can use when crafting your message, but please PERSONALIZE them to you.

Tip: Include your name and why you believe the Convention of States resolution is our last best hope for America. Make sure you ask them to “reconsider HJR3”! Be firm, but nice.

  • I am one of more than 2 million COS supporters, growing by tens of thousands every month, who wants my liberty back from an overreaching national government. You, as a state Legislator, are the only one who constitutionally has the power to do this. We are never going away, but will only continue to increase our numbers as the federal Government continues to over-borrow, over-spend, over-regulate, over-legislate, over-dictate and over-adjudicate away our liberty.

  • We urge you to move to reconsider your actions on HJR3 and return the file to the senate to be passed this year.

  • We are never going away until you exercise your power to convene and discuss potential solutions to propose for ratification by 38 states, in the way the Constitution designates under Article V, that will restore the limits on federal power.

Using the information listed below, please email, call, and text these Senators today!

Then, jam up the main number for the Senate also with phone calls to the Senators on the list below: 801-538-1035 

Name Email Call/Text
Anderegg, Jacob L. (R) 801-901-3580
Bramble, Curtis S. (R) 801-361-5802
Buxton, D. Gregg (R) 801-707-7095
Christensen, Allen M. (R) 801-782-5600
Dabakis, Jim (D) 801-815-3533
Davis, Gene (D) 801-647-8924
Dayton, Margaret (R) 801-221-0623
Escamilla, Luz (D) 801-550-6434
Harper, Wayne A. (R) 801-566-5466
Hemmert, Daniel (R) 801-380-8262
Henderson, Deidre M. (R) 801-787-6197
Hillyard, Lyle W. (R) 435-753-0043
Iwamoto, Jani (D) 801-580-8414
Mayne, Karen (D) 801-232-6648
Millner, Ann (R) 801-900-3897
Niederhauser, Wayne L. (R) 801-742-1606
Stephenson, Howard A. (R) 801-815-6800
Weiler, Todd (R) 801-599-9823

Don't have time to email everyone separately? 

Click on the button bellow to email everyone with one click!





Again, be sure to tweak the subject line, message, and add your name.

Thank-you for taking a stand for America!