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New Jersey

NJ Application & Sponsors


It's official!

The New Jersey State Representatives listed below have committed to sponsoring the Convention of States Project application in New Jersey during the 2017 legislative session! This means that our New Jersey legislators will have the opportunity to join their colleagues from sister states who have already passed applications for a state-led convention to propose constitutional amendments that will restrict federal power, and restore power to the states.

You may view these resolutions here: SCR42 and ACR84

Please take a moment to thank your Representatives, regardless of what district you may live in, for being true patriots by leading this historic effort. And stay tuned! We will need to do our part as the grassroots to support them in their efforts, by making phone calls and sending e-mails at key points in the legislative process.

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with me as we do our part to restore real self-governance in America. Again, regardless of your district, please leave these legislators a message thanking them for taking the lead, and sponsoring the COS application.

You can contact these sponsors as follows:

Primary Sponsor: ACR84, Robert Auth (LD-39),, 862 248-0491

Primary Sponsor: ACR84, Michael Carroll (LD-25),, 973-539-8113

Primary Sponsor: ACR84, Anthony Bucco (LD-25),, 973-927-2526

Primary Sponsor: SCR42, Michael Doherty (LD-23),, 908-835-0552

Primary Sponsor: SCR42, Joseph Pennacchio (LD-26),, 973-227-4012

Co Sponsor: SCR42, Christopher Bateman (LD-16),, 908-526-3600

Co Sponsor: SCR42, Steven Oroho (LD-24),, 973 300-0200

Co Sponsor, SCR42, Robert Singer (LD-30),, 732-987-5669

Co Sponsor: ACR84, Jack Ciattarelli (LD-16),, 908-450-7064

Co Sponsor: ACR84, Sean Kean (LD-30),, 732-974-0400

Co Sponsor: ACR84, Erik Peterson (LD-23),, 908-238-0251

Co Sponsor: ACR84, David Russo (LD-40),, 201-444-9719

Co Sponsor: ACR84, Nancy Munoz (LD-21),, 908-918-0414

Co Sponsor: ACR84, Ronald Dancer (LD-12),, 609-758-0205

Co Sponsor: ACR84, John DiMaio (LD-23),, 908-772-1365

Co Sponsor: ACR84, David Rible (LD-30),, 732-974-0400

Thank you for supporting the Convention of States!

Dan Gilligan

New Jersey State Director, Convention of States Action 

908 751 1193