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Morrow County Republican Party


You are invited!


Convention of States presentation will be presenting

at Morrow County Republican Party meeting

Saturday Sept. 23, 2017, 6:00 pm.

Bartholomew Bldg. in Heppner, Oregon

September Legislative Days


You are invited!

Legislative Days: Sept 18 – 20, 2017
When not in session, the Legislators meet quarterly in Salem to take care of “housekeeping” issues such as committee assignments, strategies for the upcoming session, etc. This is the time for our 889 volunteers to visit their Legislators.

Schedule a Meeting: The best way to influence your Legislator is to schedule a meeting with them. You need not go alone: a COS state leader will go with you, and will bring some printed materials to leave with them. For help scheduling an appointment with your Legislator, email one of us.


Invite a friend:

Ask someone from your neighborhood or district to go with you.



1) Be prepared to tell your legislators 3 reasons why you believe we should have a Convention of States.

2) Ask what your legislator thinks? Do they have a concern? (Let us know what it is? We have great answers for all questions!)


Group Photo at the “Circuit Rider” Statue

Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 10:00 am

The larger the crowd, the better!


Tours (Information at the Information Kiosk):

Capitol Tour

Tower Tour

Explore Capital State park.

Oregon Supreme Court is a block away.


For the Liberty of our Children & Grandchildren!


Clinton Carlson
Oregon Legislative Liaison


Deborah Lee                                                                          
Oregon State Co-Director

L J Bevacqua
Oregon State Co-Director

Portland Gun Show


COS Oregon at Portland's "Original" Rose City Gun Show:

Saturday September 9, 9 am to 5 pm.
Sunday September 10, 9 am to 3 pm.
Wes Knodel's "Original" Rose City Gun Show
Portland EXPO Center, 2060 N. Marine Dr. Portland, OR 97217

Redmond Gun Show


COS Oregon at Gun Show in Redmond:

Saturday September 2, 2017, 9 am to 5 pm.
Sunday September 3, 2017, 9 am to 3 pm.
Wes Knodel Gun Show
Deschutes County Fair Expo Center, 3800 SW. Airport Way, Redmond, OR 97756

Rally Round the Flag

Oregon Liberty Coalition Rally Round the Flag 2017

Saturday Aug. 5th, 2017, 10 am. to 4 pm.

Western Oregon Exposition & Fairgrounds

2000 N Douglas St, Cottage Grove, OR.

Multnomah Co. Information Meeting

Portland Information Meeting

You are invited to join us!


Multnomah County Republican Party Meeting

Monday June 26, 2017 at 7 pm.

Shilo Inn

11707 NE Airport Way

Portland, OR 97220

It will be a business meeting and a short COS Information presentation.

COS Presentation in Yamhill County

The Convention of States Oregon team will be having a presentation on COS at the Yamhill County Republican's meeting, Tuesday May 16th! At 7:00pm there will be a business meeting, and our presentation will follow shortly after. Please bring along a friend who would like to learn more about COS!


McMinnville Community Center

(behind the county courthouse)

600 NE Evans St,

McMinnville, OR, 97128

Tax Committee Hearing


Dear Oregon Patriots,

On Thursday last week, the Oregon legislature created a new committee, the Joint Committee on Tax Reform.

It‘s the really “Son of Measure 97” tax hike committee. After a 60% defeat of Measure 97 last fall, there are games afoot in Salem to find new ways to increase revenue, including creating a Revenue (sales) tax on Businesses with revenue over $1 million. This is really a tax increase on every Oregonian.

This committee will hold 2 hearings this week, Tuesday May 2 and Thursday May 4 at 8:30 am.

The committee will not allow public input, but we need to make a strong showing anyway.

This information came to us from Priority Oregon and


Actions Needed:

1) Attend the Committee hearings on Tuesday May 2 at 8:30 am. and Thursday May 4 at 8:30 am. Deborah Lee, Chief of Staff and Jeff Reynolds, Legislative & Media Director from COS Oregon will be attending

a) Video record the hearing if possible.

b) Audio record the hearing if possible.

c) Take notes, get quotes and who said what.


2) Contact Governor Brown and your legislators today and protest:

a) the tax hike itself

b) the tactics being used to create this committee in the middle of the session, so the public is unaware

c) The push to increase taxes when Oregon already has record revenue

d) The refusal of the majority party to consider basic cuts and efficiencies in lieu of tax increases.


3) Please share this information with your friends.

      a) Forward this email to your friends.

b) Like the Priority Oregon FB page and share it with your friends.

c) Follow Priority Oregon’s twitter feed and share it with your friends.

d) Ask them to sign the Convention Of States petition to our Oregon legislators also, to rein in the size and scope of the Federal government also!


It’s time to Drain the Swamp in Salem!

For Liberty!

Oregon Call To Action - Whisnant


Dear Oregon Patriots,

You are our Oregon minutemen. This is our time. 2017 is our year!

Rep. Gene Whisnant (R, Sunriver) said yesterday he can’t be Chief Sponsor on our COS bill, but he will be Chief Sponsor on another Article V bill, for a Balanced Budget Amendment only.

BUT WAIT! If Washington DC is forced to Balance the Budget, how do you think they will do it?

Will they cut expenses? Dumb programs? Their salaries? NO!


YET, our COS proposal, with 1) fiscal restraints, 2) reduce the size and scope of the federal government and 3) term limits (not just on Congress, but on the Supreme Court, all federal courts and all federal agencies) will allow some PROPER FIXES to the U.S. Constitution that won’t be on the backs of hardworking Oregonians & Americans!

At our Simulated Convention of States at Colonial Williamsburg in September, 150 delegates from all 50 states wrote 6 amendment proposals in 2 days; what Congress has NOT done in decades! You can READ their proposed amendments here (Look for the FISCAL RESTRAINTS ideas):


Which do you think is a BETTER IDEA?


This is the Beginning of Draining the SWAMP in Oregon folks.

We must be VERY VOCAL. We must be FIRM.

We must be polite, respectful & grateful for our Legislators’ service to Oregon.

Rep. Whisnant is also an Air Force Veteran. Please thank him for that service as well.

If your legislator is a Veteran, please thank them for their service too!


1) Contact Rep. Gene Whisnant by phone, email, facebook, twitter, voicemail, or show up at his office. TODAY!

     Let him know what you think of this. Which Article V bill is a better idea?

     Are you Fed up with Legislators not listening to the people? Tell him that too!

     Tell him you want him to be Chief Sponsor of our House COS bill.


     Rep. Gene Whisnant’s Phone: 503-986-1453



     Phone is best. They have to answer and are paid to be polite to you.


2) Contact your own Oregon Legislators.

     Let them know you want THEM to sponsor our COS bill.

     Let them know you are fed up with Legislators not listening to the people!

     Lookup your Oregon legislators here:


3) Contact 1 friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker. Explain to them about COS. Explain this issue right here. Ask them to Sign the Petition and Help us with this Call To Action also!

4) If you are Facebook, please go to “Convention of States Oregon” and share the Call To Action post.

5) If you are on Twitter, please go to @COS_OR and Retweet our Call To Action.

Thank you very much Oregon Patriots!

For the Liberty of our children & grandchildren!


Deborah Lee       &     Rebecca Young

541-550-9738              541-405-6392

Oregon State Co-Directors

Convention of States Action

Facebook: Convention of States Oregon       Twitter: @COS_OR

Text: "COSOR" to 68398 to receive Calls To Action.

More Informational Meetings at the Coast!


Please join us for another informational meeting! Our meetings in Bandon, OR, are continuing, with the addition of a meeting in Coos Bay, now happening on a monthly basis. Grab a friend (or ten) and come take part in the only solution to save our country: a Convention of States!

Our meetings are now being held every 1st Thursday of the month in Coos Bay, and every 3rd Thursday of the month in Bandon. We are excited about this opportunity to get together under this common cause and interact!

The schedule and locations for the next two meetings in each location are:

Coos Bay

South Coast Educational Service District
1350 Teakwood Ave, Coos Bay, OR 97420

July 7th, August 4th


Bandon City Library
1204 11th St SW, Bandon, OR 97411

June 16th, July 21st

We hope to see you there.

Questions? Please contact Colette by email at:

colette AT