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Secure Arkansas Fake News

Secure Arkansas spreads fake news in email communication to  Arkansas patriots. Bob Ballinger confirms that Rep. Drown was contacted about being a  co-sponsor of the HJR 1001 joint resolution calling for an Article V  Convention of States NOT a Constitutional Convention or “Con Con”  as Secure Arkansas suggested. 


Secure Arkansas went on to suggest that because HJR 1001 was  placed in the DEFERRED BILLS status that somehow this meant controversy surrounding the bill rather that the truth. The truth being  the bill was deferred to another time. 


The only controversy around this bill is that which is spread by FAKE  PATRIOTS who align themselves with liberal progressives who want more big government, more big programs, more big bureaucracies and less freedom and liberty. 

Do your homework, check these people out — lies, slander and  misinformation. These cowards don’t even show up at the Senate hearing to make an open opposition to the resolution — only emails  and a website with unsupported facts and advertising for products.

***Call your Senators and Representatives  NOW!***

Let them know that you want to impose fiscal restraint on the federal government, reduce the  power of the federal government and impose term limits on federal officials. 

Ask them to vote YES on SJR 2 and HJR 1001.