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South Dakota House votes YES to a Convention of States

What a week! We're pleased to announce that the South Dakota House has voted to preserve freedom in our country by adopting the Convention of States resolution.

The vote was close -- 37-30 -- but our team prevailed to make South Dakota the seventh state this year to pass our resolution in at least on chamber.

Now our resolution will be heard by the Senate, where we expect our team to continue the stellar job they've done so far.

The Convention of States petition was a key contributor to our victory in South Dakota. If you haven't read it yet, our petition simply states the signer's support for an Article V Convention of States to rein in the federal government.

But here's the cool part--when you sign it and include your home address, we'll send it directly to your state legislators. The South Dakota representatives received quite a few, and we believe this was a huge part of their decision.

So click the button below, help your state team, and sign your name to the best strategy for preserving liberty in our country.


If you live in South Dakota...

South Dakotans will have the opportunity to make their state the sixth to pass the Convention of States resolution, but it won't happen without your help!

Your state senators need to know they have your support. Click here to find your state senator and voice your support for the Article V Convention of States resolution.