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Texas Leads!

Texas leads in restoring self-governance, citizen advocacy,
and local engagement 
through education and coalitions.

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What has the COS Texas team been up to since the Texas legislature passed the Article V resolution on May 4? Here are a few areas where we've been busy:

We continue to interact with our legislators, developing relationships and communicating the need for a return to the Framers' vision of federalism and government of, by, and for the People. An example was our involvement in Gov. Abbott's special session in July and August.

Petition SignerWe are continuing to spread understanding of an Article V convention at events around the state, such at the recent convention of the Texas Federation of Republican Women in Dallas (photo at left). See some more photos of our booth.

We are also helping other states to build grassroots support for resolution in their state. An opportunity for this happened at the Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah. Read more in the blog post "Texas Team Goes on the Road."

We always have a need for volunteers in Texas! A couple of our current needs are for a State Legislative Liaison and a State Grassroots Coordinator, and there are also House districts that are looking for a District Captain. See the Texas Action Prompt section below for more information or click here for a more complete list of positions.

Let's continue to remember those affected by the hurricanes, especially Harvey on the south Texas coast. Here are a few organizations providing relief who would welcome your contributions.