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Texas Leads!

Texas Capitol Information

This Page will Provide You with Answers

to Your Most Common Questions

Attire: What Should I Wear?

We're are grassroots advocates!  Wear any COS shirt you may have (visit the COS Store here!).

Make sure your clothing, and your shoes, are clean and comfortable!

Directions: How Do I Get to the Capitol?

The directions below will work for anyone taking I-35 from either the North Bound or South Bound Direction.  You can also reference map applications on your smart phone, or use a GPS device.


Coming from the South (San Antonio to Austin) on I-35

Take Exit 235A toward Univ of Texas, 15th & MLK Blvd (Green Line Above)

Turn Left on 15th Street (not the turnaround), toward TEXAS STATE HISTORY MUSEUM, CAPITOL VISITORS PARKING (Green Line Above)

Travel West on 15th Street 4 Blocks, Turn Left on San Jacinto Blvd. (Blue Line Above)

Turn Left on 13th Street (Blue Line Above)

The Entrance to the Capitol Visitor Parking is on the Right Side (Blue Line Above)

Coming from the North (Dallas/Ft. Worth to Austin) on I-35

Take Exit 235A toward MLK & 15th St, Univ of Texas (Red Line Above)

The 15th St. exit branches to the left of the off-ramp (Red Line Above)

Turn Right on 15th Street, toward TEXAS STATE HISTORY MUSEUM, CAPITOL VISITORS PARKING (Red Line Above)

Travel West on 15th Street 4 Blocks, Turn Left on San Jacinto Blvd. (Blue Line Above)

Turn Left on 13th Street (Blue Line Above)

The Entrance to the Capitol Visitor Parking is on the Right Side (Blue Line Above)

Capitol Visitors Parking

The Capitol Visitors Parking is outlined as a Purple Rectangle above.  There should be ample parking available.  

Make sure you park in a visitor's space, as there are reserved spaces in the lot.

There are two entrances, one on 13th Street, and one on 12th Street (Green Circles Above).  

The Parking Fees range from Free (first two hours) to $12.00

If you plan on being at the Capitol for most of the activities, plan on a $12.00 fee payable when you leave.

The parking structure is about a 4 full blocks walk from the Capitol's East Entrance (Red Circle above).

Entrance to the Texas State Capitol

The Capitol opens at 7:00 a.m., all four entrances.

The closest entrance to the parking structure is the East Entrance (Red Circle above)

The North Entrance (Blue Circle above) provides full handicapped accessiblity

There is a security check upon entrance; be prepared to empty your pockets, check all bags and purses.

If you hold a Texas CHL (Texas Handgun License), the security check is actually quicker!  Notify the Security Guard that you are a CHL holder, and they will check you in through a separate process.

Here is a PDF floorplan of the Capitol building, and this is an interactive floorplan.

Food/Dining Options

The Capitol Grill is located in the Capitol Extension Building, on Floor E1.  It opens at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, and remains open until 5:00 p.m. (with limited service after about 2:00).

Floor E1 is below the ground level where you enter!  The elevators are to the north of the Capitol Rotunda, on both the left and right sides.  Take an elevator DOWN to floor E1.

There are also vending machines available near the Capitol Grill, and an ATM.

Breakfast prices are very reasonable ($2-$3 for the meal, drink extra)

Lunch is also reasonable - expect in the $6-$9 range for sandwiches, hot meals, salads


Restrooms are located right next to the elevators off the north side of the Rotunda.

Also, on every floor of each building, in various places.

Overnight Accommodations

Austin has many hotels and motels from which to choose; the closer to the Capitol, the more you can expect to spend.

The most convenient accommodation is the La Quinta Inn Austin Capitol, located at 300 E. 11th Street (11th Street and San Jacinto Blvd, just 5 blocks from the Capitol).  You can see it's location on the map above with the purple circle.

Their website can be found here.