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Texas Leads!


The Convention of States resolution will be heard in Committee on Thursday, April 13th, at 1:00 p.m. at the Texas Capitol in Austin!

It's time to Gear Up for our Final Battle in Texas!!

Convention of States Texas Co-Director Paul Hodson discusses this Final Battle in this 80-second video:


The Convention of States Texas grassroots are entering what could amount to the biggest battle in the last 181 years in Texas--fighting to get the Convention of States Resolution passed through the House 'Federalism' Committee, and to the floor for a vote

This Thursday, April 13th, is the FINAL TIME you are GUARANTEED a chance to personally advocate for the Convention of States during this session.

Whether you've been a volunteer for three years, or you just signed our petition three minutes ago, YOUR VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD!

Our message has been one of momentum since June of 2015 - from Texas Must Lead, through The Time is Now, to Texas Will Lead! That momentum culminates this Thursday, with YOUR VOICE!

The Committee Hearing will begin at 1:00 p.m., in room E2.036.

Request more details about the Committee Hearing, and preparing testimony, here:


Limiting the power of the federal government and returning the power back to Texas is NOT a partisan issue; 71% of the American people, including a majority of both Republicans and Democrats, believe state governments do their jobs better than the federal government. This is not a surprise to most of you reading this fact.

Calling a Convention of States is all about returning power to the States--where it is closer to the People.

YOU can make all the difference by testifying before the committee members, urging them to vote favorably for the Convention of States Resolution HJR39.

If you have not yet joined the Texas COS Team, please sign up here. 


Don't forget to bookmark this page, and check back regularly as we will be posting Calls To Action (CTAs) and up-to-date information here.

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