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Texas Leads!

Texas Call to Action - March 30, 2017!

Thank you for "Speaking Up" for Liberty here in Texas!

We are focusing on your Texas State Representative, Larry Gonzales, reminding him of how much support the Convention of States has in his district, and his obligation to hear your voice and represent you in Austin.

Why Larry Gonzales? Because he is a member of the Texas House Select Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility, which will consider the Convention of States resolution.


AND, Representative Gonzales has publicly expressed reservations regarding the Convention of States. Last session he voted "No" on the same legislation. He's even claiming that the Convention of States does not have support in his district.

Please call Representative Gonzales' Austin office TODAY (March 30th), after 11:00 a.m. You can share something similar to this script:

Hi, my name is ____________. I live in _________(city) and am a constituent of Representative Gonzales. I am one of more than 540 Convention of States supporters in his district asking for his support of Governor Abbott's Emergency Item SJR 2 when it is referred to committee. Please remind Representative Gonzales that we expect him to send this Texas GOP Legislative Priority to the floor for a vote by the entire House! Texas Will Lead with the help of Representative Gonzales!

Thank you again for taking action to help the Convention of States resolution get moving in the Texas House.

If you wish to also send an email to Representative Gonzales, please click the Email Button below, and add your own thoughts and please include your name at the end:


With your help, Texas Will Lead!!