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State Director's Corner May 29 2017

Memorial Day

Thank You Veterans!

Don’t forget the June 13 Primary

Website to determine your polling place and who’s on the ballot


Print off 10 or more petitions

Print off 10 or more handouts

Look up the names and phone numbers for your State Legislators and have them handy (like on speed dial on your cell)

Bring at least 1 clipboard and several pens


Dress for the weather- sun screen, hat, comfortable shoes, maybe bring a chair and such

“Get Local” to team up with other COS Patriots

Stay outside the “no campaigning” area

Comply with any other election law and if an election official asks, please relocate

Look the the main path of travel to and from the polls and be in the most travelled “from the polls”

Tell folks you are not there to influence the election, you want to speak with them a couple of minutes after they vote

Talk about term limits

Talk about balance budget

Talk about how Congress will never give up their power willingly - that’s why we need the states to fix this mess

Encourage people to call their State Legislators to ask that they support our resolution right there on the spot. Having a short phone script with you will be handy.

Choose the best time of day that will suit you


Be rude- of course

Get frustrated if the polls are slow- the best time of day is in the morning as people are on their way to work, lunch, and after work
Promote any candidate or party- Stick to the COS Message

Ignore the “No Campaigning” area

When you are done, send your signed petitions in to the address on the bottom of the page.

Thanks so much!