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Article V Convention Process


Vermont Action Prompt

Vermont Action Prompt

The grassroots are the key to victory -- high numbers ensure success. So are you ready to talk to your friends about the Convention of States Project?

Join our team as a District Captain!

Our goal is to find one District Captain in every Vermont House district. The District Captain's mission is simple: find people in your district willing to contact their state legislator(s) in support of Convention of States legislation this session.

It doesn't take a huge time commitment to make a difference. Five constituent phone calls is often enough to move an issue to the top of a state legislator's priority list. In person meetings are even more effective.

Get involved today by reaching out to your state legislators. Don't know what to say?

I would like Vermont to be one of the 34 states that passes a resolution calling for a Convention of the States. You can find a copy of the draft resolution and a legislator’s handbook (which briefly explains the process and answers many questions) at

I ask you to support the Convention of States Project and become either the lead sponsor or co-sponsor of a resolution in the next legislative session.

Thanks so much for your service to the people of our district. 


More suggestions are here:

If you'd like a Convention of States leader to attend a meeting with you and your legislator, contact VT Information Analyst Mike Codding. Email ecraftsman @gmail .com (spaces added to confuse spammers).

Vermont Share

Vermont Share

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Vermont Team

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    Michael Codding

    State Information Analyst, Software Engineer

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    Debra Regimbald

    State Director / Legislative Liaison

Vermont Blog

Urgent Vermont Call to Action! Call & Email These Committee Members to Hear J.R.H.3.


The People of Vermont Need to be Heard!

J.R.H.3., the Vermont Convention of States Project application, needs to have a hearing in the House Committee on Government Operations ASAP!

Please take a few moments right now to contact these committee members and ask them to hold a public hearing on J.R.H.3. to allow your voice to be heard and for Vermont to have an opportunity to help fix the problems our of nation.

Not familiar with Article V or the Convention of States Process? Check out this 3-minute video.

We Need You To Do Two Things!

1. Please EMAIL all of the committee members stating why you want them to hold a public hearing on J.R.H.3. Please put in the subject line that you want a public hearing on J.R.H.3. as soon as possible. In your own words, briefly explain why J.R.H.3. is important to you and that you want the committee to hold a hearing so that the People of Vermont can be heard. Remember to include your name and address in your message.

CLICK HERE to e-mail all of the committee members at once. Would you also be willing to attend the hearing with us so that you can either speak in favor of the application or just be a visible show of support for it? Please join us in showing up, standing up, and speaking up for the restoration of self-governance through this constitutional process! Here are the details: [provide details].

2. Please CALL the committee at (802) 828-2267 and leave a message stating your name, address, and why you support J.R.H.3. and that you want them to hold a public hearing. Be nice and polite, but firm.

If you want to call and send individual emails to the committee members their contact information is below:

Members Email Phone
Rep. Maida Townsend, Chair (802) 862-7404
Rep. Ronald E. Hubert, Vice Chair (802) 893-1368
Rep. Warren F. Kitzmiller, Ranking Member (802) 229-0878
Rep. Jessica Brumsted (802) 985-9588
Rep. Dennis J. Devereux (802) 259-2460
Rep. John Gannon (802) 464-9782
Rep. Marcia Gardner (802) 434-2854
Rep. Robert LaClair (802) 476-9668
Rep. Patti J. Lewis (802) 223-6319
Rep. Tristan Toleno (802) 579-5511
Rep. Cynthia Weed (802) 933-2545

Resolution Legislative Status

Vermont Resolution (JRH3) Legislative Status 

The COS resolution currently sits in the House Committee on Governmental Operations and has strong support from several sponsors. Call your legislator and ask him or her to join the list!

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