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Victory in Virginia committee

Thanks to the hard work of our state teams around the country, state legislators are catching the vision of how an Article V Convention of States can limit the federal government. Virginia state delegates were no different yesterday, passing our resolution out of the House Rules Committee by a vote of 9-6.

Now it's on to the House floor, where our resolution -- HJR 3 -- could be voted on as early as Monday. (We don’t know the exact day yet, but we’ll keep you posted!).

Please contact YOUR Virginia delegate and ask him/her to vote in favor of HJR 3.

Here is where you can find the name and contact information for your Virginia delegate. Phone calls are great, but if you would prefer to send an e-mail, here is a sample e-mail you can use if you like:

Subject:    Vote YES on HJR 3

Dear [Your Delegate’s Name],

As your constituent, I urge you to vote YES for HJR 3, Convention of States! 

Our country’s Founders gave you the power to rein in the over-reaching federal government.  I ask you to use the solution the Founders gave you in the U.S. Constitution’s Article V.  Please call for a Convention of States to propose amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress

Please vote YES for HJR 3!


[your name]


Thank you, once again, for taking this time to secure liberty for future generations of Americans.

Want to help secure a victory in your state? Click the button below to sign the Convention of States petition, and we'll deliver it directly to YOUR state legislator!