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WATCH: The grassroots make their voices heard in Indiana

It's a simple fact of geography: We the People have a much better chance of making our voices heard at the state level. And nowhere was the truth of that idea more apparent than in Indiana this legislative session.

Volunteers for the Convention of States Project in Indiana were able to travel to their state capitol to attend a committee hearing. They were able to present their state legislators with petitions to call a Convention of States. And, ultimately, they were able to convince their state legislators to pass the Convention of States resolution through both chambers of their state congress.

This couldn't happen at the federal level. Washington, D.C., is too far away, and our federal officials don't care enough about the will of their constituents.

That's why a Convention of States is so critical. A Convention of States can limit the power of the federal government and return it to the states, where the people have the ability to assert their authority in our constitutional republic.