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When the feds come in, costs go up

When the feds come in, costs go up. That’s what happens when a giant, inefficient bureaucracy tries to create rules for a flexible, ever-changing free market.

The latest example comes from the healthcare sector, as a new report predicts double-digit premium hikes for two of the most popular Obamacare plans. The Kaiser Family Foundation found that premiums will likely increase an average of 11 percent next year, with some metro areas like Portland, Ore., increasing as much as 26 percent.

A national government is good and necessary for accomplishing tasks the free market can’t handle alone. National security, for example. But lately the feds have taken their circus on the road, sticking their nose in healthcare, agriculture, and myriad other areas outside their constitutional jurisdiction.

Fortunately, the American people have a tool to shrink federal jurisdiction back to its rightful size. An Article V Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that specifically limit Washington’s jurisdiction to only those areas outlined in the Constitution. No more federal meddling. It’s time the people and the states reassert their place as the primary drivers of domestic policy.

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