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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: A Convention of States "makes sense"

Add another high-profile name to the list of Article V supporters.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said in a telephone town hall earlier this week that it “makes sense” to hold the first-ever Article V Convention of States. Congress will never propose a balanced budget amendment or a term limits amendment, he said, so it’s up to the states to “sidestep Congress” and propose the necessary constitutional reforms.

To those who worry about a “runaway convention,” Walker pointed out that amendment ratification is “not an easy process. Our founders intended that, so that only substantive changes that had the overwhelming support of the American people would go forward."

Walker adds his name to a list of figures that includes Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, radio personalities Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, and legal scholars Prof. Rob Natelson and Randy Barnett. All of these individuals support the Article V process and have voiced their approval of the Convention of States Project strategy.

Their support comes at the optimal time for the success of the Article V movement. Over three dozen states will be considering the Convention of States resolution this year, more than enough to reach the 34-state threshold that triggers a Convention.

With high-profile names joining the millions of Convention of States supporters across the country, this year promises to be the most successful year ever for the movement to end federal overreach and stop the runaway train in D.C.