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Contact Your District Captain To Learn What's Being Done In Your District To Advance The Cause Of Liberty

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California's District Captains

  DC: CA 2 Redding, John Mendocino 
  DC: CA 3 Obrien, Craig Chico 
  DC: CA 4 Johnson, Bryan Kenwood 
  DC: CA 5 Keirns, Andrew Murphys 
  DC: CA 12 Coleman, John Waterford 
  DC: CA 13 Reynolds, Guy Stockton 
  DC: CA 16 Jenkins, Kathleen Orinda 
  DC: CA 24 Sansone, Elaine Sunnyvale 
  DC: CA 25 Jimenez, Alma Santa Clara 
  DC: CA 26 clayton, glenn Posey 
  DC: CA 26 King, Jimmy  Tulare 
  DC: CA 30 Realini, James Morgan Hill 
  DC: CA 31 Georgeson, Lisa k Kerman 
  DC: CA 31 White, Joanthan T Fresno 
  DC: CA 35 Moore, Stephen Arroyo Grande 
  DC: CA 36 Wieck, James Lancaster 
  DC: CA 38 spaulding, stephen Santa Clarita 
  DC: CA 41 Klotz, Gregory La Verne 
  DC: CA 50 Menichetti, Michael Santa Monica 
  DC: CA 56 Lawrence, Jack Palm Desert 
  DC: CA 61 Arceneaux Sr., Thomas 
  DC: CA 62 Everett, Robert Lawndale 
  DC: CA 63 Munguia, Karla Lynwood 
  DC: CA 66 Moran, Mike Torrance
  DC: CA 67 Walker, Barry Canyon Lake 
  DC: CA 68 Lowery, Mark Irvine 
  DC: CA 69 Lansu, Michael Santa Ana 
  DC: CA 70 Webster, Ryan Long Beach 
  DC: CA 72 Hallman, Donn Huntington Beach 
  DC: CA 73 Lowes, James 
  DC: CA 74 White, Jon Costa Mesa 
  DC: CA 75          ; CA 58; CA 59; CA 62; CA 63; CA 64; CA 66 Rombach, George Temecula 
  DC: CA 76 feeney, phil Oceanside 
  DC: CA 76 Innes, Tim Carlsbad 
  DC: CA 78 Oberman, Lou La Jolla 
  DC: No District Assigned Raymond, Rick Manteca 
  DC: No District Assigned Gonzales, Rodolfo Ceres 
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