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Binary standard renders voters impotent against the ruling class

In a political system CONTROLLED by TWO PARTIES as is ours, every voting decision is subject to a BINARY STANDARD:  If not Y then X.

          Candidates are never effectively measured against anything MORE WORTHY than their opposition-party rival.

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Those who declare last enjoy greater influence

The binary choice offered by our two-party political process gives outsized influence to the least engaged (and often least informed) whose votes remain undecided longest, while stripping influence from those who declare early support for a candidate.

Why is that? 

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"Us vs. THEM" - the binary thinking on which the RULING CLASS rely

"Us vs. Them" - entirely BINARY thinking...

limits our choices to the offering of the two major parties and thereby protects the monopoly on power enjoyed by the RULING CLASS.

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"Global Warming" alarmism: an ideal construct for concentrating power

The CURRENCY of Government is not money. It is POWER. With that in mind, consider GLOBAL WARMING theory:

If ever there were a perfect construct around which to create an elaborate, impenetrable bureaucratic strangle-hold on the civil society, it is the "global warming" frame:

Global Warming THEORY defines as pollution a ubiquitous gas ON WHICH PLANTS DEPEND for survival; carbon dioxide - expelled by all humans on every exhale. It defines HUMAN ACTIVITY as a scourge on the Earth. And it positions the ALL WISE, ALL KNOWING RULERS as the sole purveyors of TRUTH.

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A win for either major party is a win for the Washington Elite

The Elitists remain in power no matter who wins a contest limited to the Major-Party nominees.


Why is that?

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"An Ignorant people cannot remain free."

Thomas Jefferson observed, "An ignorant people cannot remain free."

The connection between an informed electorate and the very real solutions at its disposal has never been more direct than it is today.

Absent an understanding of the HOW and WHY of our Constitutional structure, we're poorly armed to take up our part in defending the BARRIERS that protect individual liberty from overbearing government.

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Another distraction grenade - again in the form of a FORCIBLE change to a social construct related to sexuality - has been lobbed at the American people by the Federal Government.

Once again, the attention of the media will be centered on the sexual content to which the policy relates and the "merits" or demerits of the policy being forced. An effort will be made to paint those oppose to the law as "bigots" and those who support the law as "open-minded" Liberals. TOP-DOWN, edicts concerning the most intimate aspects of living, issued without input from the people or their representatives are apparently "liberal" in the minds of some.

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We're not going back

At key times in human history, advancements have been achieved that elevated not only those whose enlightened work produced them, but the whole of mankind.  The most significant of these were not only technological breakthroughs but also giant leaps of the human mind; advances in the way people think and interact.


The founding of America was one such advance.  It marked the first time that any government would position the individual as the rightful owner and source of political power, the government as the servant to society and the natural rights of the human being as the transcendent, immutable measure of lawfulness and justice.


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Minimum wage hikes HURT the lowest-income earners

Minimum wage hikes harm the least skilled workers

Government-mandated minimum wage hikes hurt the lowest-income earners because they reduce the number of beginner-level jobs overall and slow the rate at which remaining jobs become available.  Amazingly, advocates for this political malpractice admit both of these negative impacts!

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"If government doesn't redistribute wealth, the 'rich' will get it all!"

The “limited resource” concept of wealth, with its “fair-share” implications for policy, is the foundation of the argument for Collectivism and the unreasonable fear of “income inequality.”  This argument is infused with the rocket-fuel mix of class envy and economic anxiety so it drives policies which can destroy economic mobility and undermine American competitiveness. 

Debunking it and replacing it with truth about economic liberty is among the most powerful ways we can undermine the Collectivist agenda.



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