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Urgent Connecticut Call to Action! Call and Email The Committee To Hear HJ39!


The time has come! 

HJ39, the Connecticut Convention of States Project application, needs to be considered at a hearing in the Government Administration and Elections Committee.

Tell The Committee Members That You Want To Be Heard!

Please take a few moments right now to contact these committee members and ask them to hold a public hearing on HJ39 to allow the People of Connecticut an opportunity to testify on behalf of our Article V application. 

We Need You To Do Two Things!

1. Please email all of the committee members stating why you want them to hold a hearing on HJ39. Please put in the subject line that you want a public hearing on HJ39 as soon as possible. In your own words, briefly explain why HJ39 is important to you and that you want the committee to hold a hearing so that the People of Connecticut can be heard. Remember to include your name and address in your message.

CLICK HERE to e-mail all of the committee members at once.

2. Please call the committee at (860) 240-0480 and leave a message stating your name, address, and why you support HJ39 and that you want them to hold a public hearing. Be nice, polite, but firm.

Not familiar with Article V or the Convention of States Process? Check out this 3-minute video.

Below are all of the members of the Government Administration and Elections Committee. To send an individual email simply click on their name.

Position Title Name Committee Telephone
Co-Chair Senator McLachlan, Michael A. (860) 240 0480
Co-Chair Senator Winfield, Gary A. (860) 240 0480
Chair Representative Fox, Daniel J. (860) 240 0480
Vice Chair Senator Frantz, L. Scott (860) 240 0480
Vice Chair Senator Slossberg, Gayle S. (860) 240 0480
Vice Chair Representative Winkler, Michael (860) 240 0480
Ranking Member Representative Devlin, Laura (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Cummings, Stephanie E. (860) 240 0480
Member Representative France, Mike (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Haddad, Gregory (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Labriola, David K. (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Lesser, Matthew (860) 240 0480
Member Representative McCarthy Vahey, Cristin (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Miller, Patricia Billie (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Rebimbas, Rosa C. (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Sampson, Robert C. (860) 240 0480
Member Representative Santiago, Hilda E. (860) 240 0480

If you have any questions please call or email CT State Director, David Lloyd at (860) 280-4865

Informational Meeting on Convention of States Feb 9th - 5:30-7:00PM


Show You Are Going On Our Facebook Event


  • Limited public parking is available on the first floor of the parking garage. Exit the first floor of the parking garage and proceed to the west entrance (facing Broad Street) to the Legislative Office Building.

Connecticut Representative Dave Rutigliano (Dist. 123) Sponsors Convention of States Application!


It's official! Representative Dave Rutigliano (Dist. 123) has committed to sponsoring the Convention of States Project application in Connecticut during the 2017 legislative session!

This means that our Connecticut legislators will have the opportunity to join their colleagues from sister states who have already passed applications for a state-led convention to propose constitutional amendments that will restrict federal power and restore power to the states.

Please take a moment to thank Representative Dave Rutigliano for being a true patriot by leading this historic effort.  And stay tuned! We will need to do our part as the grassroots to support Representative Rutigliano's efforts by making phone calls and sending e-mails at key points in the legislative process. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with me as we do our part to restore real self-governance in America. 

Call now at (860) 240-8700 to leave Representative Rutigliano a message thanking him for taking the lead on this and sponsoring our application. You can also email him at

Please join the Connecticut Convention of States Team by volunteering for one of our positions! We need dedicated patriots like yourself to step up now and join the Fight for Freedom! Apply today for a position that fits your abilities by visiting Be A Leader.

Thank you for supporting the Convention of States!

David Lloyd

State Director

(860) 280-4865