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Create a Controversy and Raise Some $


Dudley Brown of the NAGR taking aim at the Convention of States Project and Senator Laura Ebke in Nebraska

Convention of States Regional Director David Schneider provided a detailed series of responses to attacks by Dudley Brown and the National Association of Gun Rights. (READ THE ATTACK HERE) Read all the responses here and be ready to fight back!

Response number 1:

Have you seen the smear campaign from Dudley Brown's little "National Association for Gun Rights"? What's being smeared, you ask? Just our Constitution.  Read it here!

In a stunning display of ignorance of constitutional law and history, Dudley Brown (a perennial thorn in the side of the NRA) is telling Americans that an Article V convention for proposing amendments to rein in federal power is a "Constitutional Convention" that can't be limited and will result in some weird doomsday scenario.

Perhaps the only thing worse than Dudley's insults to our Constitution and its drafters' intelligence is the fact that he's using them to make a buck by preying on the fears of honest, hard-working Americans who care about the plight of their country. Shame on him.

Repeating ridiculous falsehoods doesn't make them true, Dudley.

Convention of States Action is not about to take this lying down.

Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we expose Dudley Brown's fear-mongering falsehoods one by one, paragraph by paragraph. It's important that you read these e-mails so that you can stand up for truth, because it's going to take YOUR activism to put the muzzle on an out-of-control Washington, D.C. Our founding fathers gave us the tools to do this through an ingenious, carefully-designed process. (Doesn't that sound more like the founding fathers you know?) We owe it to them to learn about and USE that process to reclaim our government of the people, by the people, and FOR the people.

So please stay tuned and watch for my e-mails. But for now...check out this open letter from Chuck Cooper, a Supreme Court litigator and one of the nation's fiercest defenders of the Second Amendment...responding to the Dudley Browns of the world.

In liberty,

David Schneider
Central States Regional Director

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