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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it succeed?

Many Citizens in our state fear that the Convention of States will not succeed because our state's politicians are just as corrupt and indifferent to the voice of the people as our federal politicians.  How can a Convention of States succeed in this kind of environment?



Yes, state politicians are corrupt, but at the end of the day, the voters are in control, particularly the ORGANIZED voters...Unlike our Congress, our state representatives are voted into office by a very small number of people. 

State representatives have little or no support from lobbyists, PACs, and "big-money" like the National Offices.  If you look at the typical state district for example, elections are decided by a small number of voters.

So why do politicians get away with their corruption?  "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"...The citizens in your state, like the rest of our country, are not ORGANIZED.

If the politicians do not toe-the-line and represent the people, and the people of your state are ORGANIZED, EDUCATED and ENGAGED, they have the power to remove any one of the CORRUPT state representatives!

If the citizens in your state are focused and target the corrupt politicians who do not listen to the people, the word will get out to all of your state legislators that the PEOPLE MEAN BUSINESS.

The citizens of your state need to:

1. Identify and target the corrupt politicians
2. Raise a grassroots team in each of those districts
3. Engage the politician often and regularly...To be most effective, they should send the same, consistent, clear message to the legislators of what they expect.
4. If the legislators do not listen, fire them!

The problem is not the politicians, but the citizens of your state for not holding your state legislators accountable to you, the PEOPLE!

What is the Plan?


The COS Project’s plan is twofold:

1) We want to call a convention for a particular subject rather than a particular amendment. Instead of calling a convention for a balanced budget amendment (though we are entirely supportive of such an amendment), we want to call a convention for the purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Our approach is similar to the adoption of the Bill of Rights. We seek a package of amendments to rein in the abuses of power by all branches of the federal government.

2) We believe the grassroots is the key to calling a successful convention.  The goal is to build a political operation in a minimum of 40 states, getting 100 people to volunteer in at least 75% of the state legislative districts—3000 districts.  We believe this is very doable. The most important task is to find our 3000 District Captains. The support of the American people will ensure the success of this project.

A good overview of the plan is available here.