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Huge committee victory in Indiana

Our team in Indiana has kicked off the 2016 legislative season with an incredible victory!

The Indiana Senate's Civil Law Committee passed the Convention of States resolution this morning with a 6-1 vote. This is the first in a series of important votes required to add Indiana to the list of states calling for a convention to limit the runaway power of D.C.

Convention of States volunteers filled the committee room, and their presence swayed a number of legislators who were still on the fence. 

The next step for our resolution in Indiana -- SJR 14 -- will be a vote on the Senate floor, which will occur on or before February 4th.

If you live in Indiana, your state senator needs to hear from you! Click here to contact your state senator and ask them to vote YES on SJR 14.

And don't forget to check out Mark Meckler's report from the ground, which you can watch here.